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Most people have heard of a mileage claim, fleet management and fleet tracking... But did you know you only need one login and one interface gain complete control over ALL of your assets? Read on to see all the services ABAX can provide within one interface. 

The problem solver 

When our experts talk to our customers, they listen to the problems they have. We listen to the challenges they have and design methods to tackle the challenges they are facing 

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The connected workspace 

Tracking with ABAX can solve many more challenges than just a standard mileage claim but there is also significant financial amounts to be saved using our services to the fullest. 

We are providing solutions to actual challenges our customers are dealing with. That’s where the real value lies!

Paul Walsh, CTO

So what solution can ABAX telematics provide? 

No matter the size and type of your company, our solution can improve your business helping you become more competitive in a tough environment.   

Telematics is much more than just tracking vehicles. Did you know that ABAX have a solution that give you control of the whole plant include handheld in one platform? Read on to get to know our service ABAX Equipment Control. 

All 3 equipment control units lined up from left to right

Problem solving for company equipment  

Have you ever thought about the amount of tools and machinery all craftsmen are using on a construction site? Do you have control of the whereabouts of all the expensive assets within the company?  

The problem: 

Machines and tools are left behind and it’s time consuming and expensive to find them or at worst replace them. 

The solution: 

ABAX equipment control will not only help you locate the tool for the job, but there are also multiple advantaged using the service: 

  • Geofencing the constructions site 
  • Recovery 
  • Usage log 
  • Improve invoicing 

We have different hardware to match all types of machinery to fit all kinds of tools and machines from small handheld tools to big excavator tracking with detailed usage log. 

Set up an Geofence and improve the equipment control 

With ABAX Geofence you are able to define your own digital fence on where you want to get notification. If you prefer getting notified when the unit travels outside the plant or the city boarder, that’s up to you. You can also see the usage within that area, perfect when invoicing your customer. 

Usage log and how you can benefit from it 

The ABAX tracking device can provide more data than location you can also monitor when and how your plant and equipment is used. Using our service to the fullest you will get access to user friendly reports making it easy to plan and predict upcoming maintenance and servicing based on engine hours. The result is less unexpected downtime. A bonus is that well-maintained machinery is safer for you co-workers and more efficient. 

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Adapting for the future 

Technology is changing faster than ever and at ABAX all hands are on deck to developing future proofed technology with solutions you didn’t even know you needed.  The product department works close to sales, marketing, customer service and logistic and to collectively come up with next generation telematics. 

The best part with developing our own soft- and hardware is that we can easily adapt in the same pace as our customers.

Stig Fossum, Product Owner, ABAX

Administrate the plant from the palm of your hand 

We have developed both the admin and the driver app to make administration task easy and fast to do on the go. 

The admin app: 

  • Locate Vehicles and manage mileage 
  • Equipment Control  
  • Locate ABAX MINI’s 
  • Cluster items if they are overlapping each other 

Download admin app  Download Admin app Android

The driver app: 

  • Chose purpose of the trip  
  • Se trip details in the map 
  • Se and add costs like parking and toll charge 
  • ABAX Driving Behaviour let you be on top off your driving skills 
  • Equipment Control  (optionally) 
  • Locate ABAX MINI’s 


Download admin app  Download Admin app Android

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