The reports that makes the job easier

ABAX offer a range of reports that can be adapted to your business. They will help you in connection with the administration of your car fleet, which, in turn, will make you more efficient and reduce the number of hours you spend on office work. Here, we guide you through some of our most important triplog reports.

When you log onto, you will find your reports in the menu under ‘ABAX Triplog’. When you select ‘Reports’, you will see the reports that are ready for use, which will depend on the service you have ordered and your vehicle type. Here, you can select the period that you want information from, and easily retrieve the data you are looking for.

The standard reports were originally developed to comply with tax rules and official requirements, but did you know that we also have other reports that will increase your efficiency? For example, we have reports that help you to invoice your customers the correct number of hours. You can read about our reports here.  



Status report

The status report is the first report you see when you select reports from the menu. It provides an overview of key data for each of the company’s vehicles. You can limit the search by searching for a specific department in the free text field.

Trip report

Our trip report gives you a complete overview of all the trips the company carries out. You can choose whether you wish to see the trips per employee, per vehicle or for the fleet as a whole within a specified period. Here, you get a good overview of the number of kilometres and actual hours each employee has spent behind the wheel.

Invoice basis 

Do you invoice your customers by the hour? This report will help you to rationalise the invoicing process and provide a good documentation base for your customers. Specify the rate per kilometre you are going to invoice the customer and the relevant period of time, and the report will calculate the correct invoice amount for all trips in connection with work assignment. 

The report can show cost based on object, driver, department or vehicle. It is also possible to add extra expenses to the trip such as road tolls, ferry transport and parking fees. 

Notification report

Would you like to see an overview of irregular incidents during the given period? If so, the warning report will provide this information. The system monitors when the drivers update their triplog information and detects unauthorised use. 

Incidents that are registered:

  •    Vehicle without driver
  •    Major discrepancies between driven and registered distance
  •    No new trips for 14+ days
  •    Lost contact
  •    Lost power connection
  •    High speed


Distance report (Vehicle)

The driving distance report shows the number of kilometres driven privately, the number of private trips, the driving distance for business trips, the total driving distance, the total number of trips and the time spent in the vehicle.

Distance report (Driver)

The driving distance report shows which vehicles have been driven and the number of kilometres that have been driven privately, the number of private trips, the driving distance for business trips, the total driving distance, the total number of  trips and the time spent in the vehicle.

Time in area report

Employees working in service professions are rarely at the office, which makes it difficult to maintain an overview. This report shows the time spent in each area by each employee you define by setting up a geofence.

Stop time report

Get an overview of total stoppage. The report shows the total stoppage for the whole fleet and per trip. We see that logistics firms actively use this report to change their procedures to prevent waiting during the loading and unloading of goods.

Tax private use of corporate vehicles (p) 

This report shows the number of private trips and the number of days the vehicle is used privately. If the number of days exceed 10 days, or the driven distance exceeds 1,000 km, a red warning box will appear beside the driver’s name. This indicates sporadic private use of the vehicles and that all trips must therefore be taxed.

Delivered triplog report

Here, you will see an overview of the triplogs submitted per driver, and this report also provides an overview of the drivers who should be sent a reminder in companies where many employees share vehicles. If your drivers share vehicles, we recommend using our Driver-ID service.

Environment report

This is one of our newest reports which makes it easy for you to get an overview of the CO2 emissions for the whole company. You will gain an overview of which vehicles account for more emissions than others, enabling you to reduce emissions and unnecessary fuel use. 

Inspection report MOT

The report helps you keep track of your fleets inspection (MOT) dates. It will show you when the last inspection took place and when the next inspection is due. Inspection details are managed in the Vehicles menu.

Trip stop report

This provides a detailed trip report for each driver, including stoppage between trips. Private trips are shielded in that the administrator does not see addresses. 

Insurance report

Enter the name of the insurance company, policy number, starting date, driving distance, insurance period, number of kilometres at the start of the contract and coverage. An insurance report gives you an overview of the current insurance status of your vehicle fleet.

Leasing report

Enter the name of the leasing company, contract number, starting date, agreed driving distance, contract period and the number of kilometres at the start of the leasing contract. A leasing report gives you an overview of the current leasing status of your vehicle fleet.


We help you to draw up a plan for the upcoming service schedule. Enter the date of the kilometre reading at the last service and get an automatic notice of upcoming service appointments. Select either notification by email or text message.

Periodic reports

You can set up periodic reports under settings, which will rationalise administration and your day-to-day work. Within this service you may choose which reports you would like to be sent by email and how often you want to receive them. 

Get started with reports!

  1.  Log onto:
  2.  Click on the cogwheel 
  3.  Select ‘add new’
  4.  Select reports in the pull-down menu
  5.  Enter how often you want to receive the reports
  6.  Press ‘save’

Do you need help with reports?

We have a range of additional reports you can order. Feel free to get in touch if you cannot find the report you are looking for and we can help you to adapt a product to your needs. 
You can also refer to our setup guide to the bottom left of the screen, which is a good source of help. If not, our customer service centre is open round the clock and can help you when you need it most.

We also have a range of reports for equipment control:
  • Use log
  • Status report
  • Warning report
  • Units in the area
  • Maintenance report
  • Equipment time in area


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