Theft from vans

The real cost of a stolen van isn't covered by insurance

Ever had your van stolen? Were you able to recover it? Or were you left with the hassle of getting a new one? Van theft is on the increase, with a van being broken into every 23 minutes in the UK (PHPI), affecting businesses and trades people more than ever.

The impact of theft

The impact of theft is more than insurance can cover. The sentimental value of tools that might have been stolen during the van theft, that have been collected for years, is much more than an insurance payout. Having a van stolen affects a tradesman's livelihood, as they are not able to attend the job that they have been working on, meaning incomplete jobs, unhappy customers and a loss in income, causing extra stress to a tradesman’s life.

Using GPS technology

Installing GPS vehicle tracking to a van won’t prevent van theft from happening, but it could deter a thief if they know that a vehicle tracking device is installed. However, a vehicle tracker will enable you to locate the vehicle if it is unfortunately stolen. Vehicle tracking suppliers work closely with the police, and the business, to locate the vehicle and hopefully return it to the owner as swiftly as possible, with minimum disturbances.

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