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The benefits of connecting Volvo machines with all company's assets

Your fleet most probably has not only Volvo Equipment, but also vehicles, tools and machines/plant from other major brands. Wouldn't it be amazing if you can see your total fleet on one system, with one log-in?  

Volvo CE becomes visible side by side

Through an open API it is easy to connect Volvo active care together with ABAX, with few steps you will get all your machine data into the ABAX system named ABAX Smart Connect.

In practice, this means that you can quickly add your company's Volvo machines and see your Volvo together with all your other assets and one map.


ABAX customers are enthusiastic about the combined use of Volvo CareTrack and ABAX. Here's why.

Volvo CareTrack for Volvo provides specific and detailed information about machinery, while ABAX is great for the general overview. This supports the operations, planning for maintenance and project related reports production such as CO2 reports for the total fleet.

The need for use of supporting systems, such as ERP, CRM and more, is increasing.

By choosing ABAX, only one integration with these systems is needed, instead of one integration per brand. This saves your business a lot of costs for setting up, maintaining and adjusting your data flow.

The OEM systems will still provide in depth information like fault codes, while ABAX will improve planning and operation. 

Martjin Zewald, Director Global Partnership ABAX

We can connect with all brands that follow the ISO15143-3 standard. The benefit of using an independent platform like ABAX is that your information is more secure, complete and without sharing your data with other manufacturers. ABAX has hardware available for older machines or assets that can not connected with OEM.

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No installation needed

The technology that ABAX uses to connect to machinery is called  ABAX Smart Connect. With this technology it is possible to retrieve data from the factory pre-installed tracking device, so you do not have to install new hardware  in your machines. This saves you the extra cost and downtime. 

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Build your own network 

We believe that all valuable assets of your company should be traceable and monitored, and not just heavy machinery from Volvo, Hitachi, Wirtgen, JCB, Caterpillar, John Deere.

That's why ABAX also offers equipment tracking and tool tracking of assets of all sizes.

When using the tracking service and the app, you will quickly get an overview of all your assets, small and large, and time spent searching will decrease considerably.

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New environmental report

We have seen an increasing need for sustainability and carbon emissions reporting and have, therefore, developed a environmental report that makes it easy to extract accurate figures for CO2 emissions per project.

The names and specs of your machines will automatically be retrieved from the manufacturer, but by entering internal names of the machines you will be able to more easily distinguish and analyse emissions per asset or asset type.

In addition, the new environmental report provides a good overview of idling, hours of use, fuel consumption and C02 emissions.

User-friendly interface

Why should you choose ABAX? Of course, there are many good reports manufacturers within your fleet already have, but easy access and intuitive reports are essential for your data to be used. Our developers have spent a lot of time creating a simple and well-functioning dashboard where you can quickly get an overview of ALL your company's devices in one map.


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