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The 2022 telematic trends in Fleet Technology

How will the market for construction equipment OEM telematics systems evolve in 2022 and beyond? Bergs Insight and Market Watch declare that 2021 had great growth but that telematics will skyrocket in 2022 an beyond.


Improved productivity - more important than ever 

The pandemic has brought changes like increased e-commerce usage and increased demands on transport companies. The telematic industry expects that these effects will continue in 2022. Additionally, efficient routes and optimisation solutions offered by the telematics industry will be more important than ever for both small and large transport and logistics companies. 

But efficiency is more than just ideal routes. Maintenance and downtime within the fleet is one of the main concerns within construction and rental. By scheduling and planning service and maintenance downtime, you will keep the fleet ready for any upcoming tasks.

Let trackers look after your assets

    Leading your drivers all the way

    Adding all company’s assets in one map will provide a quick overview of vehicles, machines and tools when you log into the new map. A list of all the vehicles and equipment with tracking devices will pop up containing all relevant information such as address, status and whether the driver is available or not.

    A well-functioning map will not only help you locate your drivers: by using trackers on machinery and tool all assets can pop up in the same map, and the one-stop-shop is a huge time saver.

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    More details of historic trips in map
    Improve routes by analyzing historic trips

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    Increasing demands towards the telematics provider

    In 2021, it became increasingly challenging to arrange physical meetings. Nonetheless, clients still expect the same level of service and attention.

    This also applies to the Telematics industry, where several companies now invest in digital meetings and video conferences focusing on improving Customer Service opening hours. The customer of telematics now demands high quality data and map, in addition to durable tracking units in a higher scale than before.

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    Adding all company machinery to your ABAX network 

    Most major construction equipment OEMs have introduced telematics offerings for their customers either independently or in collaboration with telematics partners like ABAX . OEM telematics systems are today commonly factory-installed as standard, at least for heavier machines collecting the same ISO endpoints, called ISO15143-3.

    Berg Insight ranks Caterpillar and Komatsu as the leading construction equipment OEMs in terms of the number of CE telematics systems deployed worldwide. Did you know that you can add all your Caterpillar machinery into one ABAX Smart Connect platform together with multiple OEMs like Hitachi, Volvo, Kleeman, JCB, John Deere, and Bell? By adding all units in one common interface the fleet managing across brands and asset types will become way more efficient.

    Bergs Insight

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