Paul Walsh gives his tips

Tech Director Paul Walsh gives tips on 3 of our most popular telematics products!

Want to know how ABAX's telematics products work in practice? In this piece, Paul discusses 3 ABAX products that make the life of business managers easier and more efficient!

Freedom of choice between head office or home office

At ABAX, we often compare the use of telematics products with having a Smart Home. The reason for that is that in the same way that you control e.g. the power consumption in a Smart House through an app on your mobile, ABAX clients too can switch between local access and remote access via our 2 apps. CTO Mr. Walsh points to the fact that the ABAX apps give both management and employees flexibility on a daily basis:

— ABAX helps fleet managers stay in touch and control of all parts of the business - employees, valuable tools and cars. Using the app, fleet managers have the opportunity to give their employees close follow-up regardless of whether they are in the office, at their home, or in the field. And if the company uses ABAX Triplog, employees can send reports from their summerhouse, their boat or when traveling. In other words, the ABAX mobile apps gives all parties great freedom of choice.


Download admin app  Download Admin app Android


Download admin app  Download Admin app Android

Cut operating costs with ABAX Driving Behaviour

Our popular product ABAX Driving Behaviour provides management with detailed statistics on each driver's driving pattern: abrupt braking, harsh acceleration or cornering and excessive idling.
The information is used to give the feedback to the drivers. 

The feedback leads to smoother driving, fewer minor damage to the vehicles, less wear and tear and lower service costs, lower fuel costs and lower insurance premiums. In other words: The economic benefits of installing ABAX Driving Behaviour are many! 

Driving Behaviour Admin app

Increase competitiveness - with ABAX Fleet Management with GPS

Many people associate telematics with tracking company vehicles. Our eminent product ABAX Fleet Management with GPS function is far more advanced. It actually gives companies a competitive advantage because fleet managers can follow each company cars' driving history and see its geographical location in real time too.

You may wonder how you can use this information? Well, the GPS map is updated (this can be even more frequent than every minute…real time as things happen) every minute and can be used to steer employees away from traffic to save time. Fleet managers? Can also create smarter driving routes, while giving the opportunity to provide customers with accurate updates of arrival time on site. 

Surveys show that companies that install ABAX Fleet Management, experience that employees spend more time in the workplace. In addition, the private use of company vehicles overall is reduced. This makes ABAX Fleet Management a great tool for those who want to streamline operations, increase the number of billable hours, increase the level of customer service and satisfaction, as well as strengthen the general control of their company vehicles.

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ABAX MINI - Ingenious tracking device for tools and valuables

Does your business have expensive, easily tradable tools you are afraid of being misplaced or lost? Or do employees spend an annoying amount of time searching for equipment that has been forgotten or misplaced? Then ABAX MINI, our smallest yet very solid tracking devices are the one and only solution you need!

With ABAX's MINI, tools and valuables are located in an instant. Tools are no longer misplaced, considered lost and purchased several times. The company does not lose billable hours on meaningless searches, and the employees' use of various company cars and tools is systematized. CTO Mr. Paul Walsh says:

 ABAX MINI provides top control of your company's smaller assets and is the best insurance you can get.

Paul Walsh