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Streamlined mileage claim for electricians

We rely on electricity and on the services of electricians. But how can an end user tell which electricians are good, and, not least, reliable? Telematics will enable your employees to demonstrate good driver behaviour and turn up on time, which will give you a good reputation in the industry and enable you to make considerable savings.

As for many other service professions, there is a huge potential for improvement when it comes to using modern tools to improve efficiency. As we know, improved efficiency means better financial results. 

Quick response time

A customer may have an urgent electrical problem where it is important to act quickly to provide good customer service. This is one of the reasons that electricians and other service industries should use telematics for more than just triplogs. Managers can see where their employees are and whether there is a lot of traffic in the area, which will then enable them to select the right employee to serve the customer.

Service providers often indicate a time slot of several hours for call-outs, much to the annoyance of customers. Managers can use telematics from the vehicles to estimate the next possible time an electrician is available, see any delays and inform the customers accordingly, which reassures them and gives them a better customer experience.

Reliable data

There are many suppliers of triplogs in the business, but the most important thing is whether they collect the necessary data at all times and are reliable. Our triplogs are directly connected to the battery and will start as soon as the ignition is switched on. This means that no trips will be missed and every private and business journey in the work vehicle will be documented.

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Plan maintenance and save money

Measuring the mileage makes it easier to maintain an overview of when the next service appointment or roadworthiness check is due. In addition, ABAX Driving Behaviour will reduce wear and tear on car parts such as brakes and tyres, and reduce the number of unplanned visits to a garage. 

The service ABAX Driving Behaviour gives you the data you need to give drivers feedback about their driving. The service awards points based on the drivers' driving behaviour, one of the parameters monitors vehicle idling, this does not only affect the total number of points awarded but also impacts fuel costs.

Reduced fuels costs can make a big difference 

The savings to be made from reduced fuel costs can make a big difference for a small electrical company, particularly now since COVID-19 and competitive markets.

Once the purpose of using the service has been set, Driving Behaviour will measure employees’ driving habits such as hard acceleration, braking, hard turns and vehicle idling, which all contribute to high fuel costs, you will be able to market your company as working on making a positive contribution to the environment.

screenshot of the driving behaviour app through admin

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Reducing the environmental footprint

Our carbon report makes it easy to gain an overview of the carbon emissions of each vehicle in your fleet and compare emissions with previous years. This report will enable you to determine where you can implement measures to reduce the company’s CO2 emissions, which in turn will help to reduce fuel costs and create a greener fleet. Read more about our reports here.

Our corporate social responsibility will work in your favour

ABAX is working to become carbon neutral in 2022, which may give you advantages in the market. It is difficult for the end users to distinguish between the different electricians available, a clear environmental profile may be what it takes to make your company stand out. Using Driving Behaviour
you can see that your Drivers are driving proficiently. 

We have stickers available for our customers vehicles indicating that telematics are helping them to make a difference to the environment. The Driving Behaviour service is not ABAX’s only contribution to the environment, they will also plant a tree for every new company it enters into a subscription agreement with.

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Tool tracking if you are done looking for your assets

Do you know where the holesaw is, or are you fed up with looking for the power tester and drill? Many of our customers save a lot of time not looking for equipment thanks to Equipment Control.  This service gives you control of everything from small handheld items of equipment to larger machinery. If you have installed ABAX Triplog, you can use our smallest device ABAX Mini, which will help your employees have an overview of handheld equipment.

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