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Stolen excavator recovered 5 miles away with GPS Plant Tracker

Unfortunately, theft is a big problem among engineers and craftsmen, the Scotland based civil engineering company APL Construction, have this fresh in memory. The Plant Manager woke up on 22nd October to the dreaded news that one of their expensive excavators had been stolen.

The damaging news was delivered by an SMS notification on the Plant Manager’s phone that the equipment had moved out of the geofence that APL Construction had set around the piece of Caterpillar equipment. 

APL Construction use the geofencing feature on their ABAX trackers, to virtually fence an area around their equipment, in order to acknowledge its movement and the location of their expensive assets.

APL Construction Stolen Equipment

Geo-fence is a service provided for ABAX customers using Equipment Control, that makes it easy to control and list the equipment you have in the area and record the hours used. It is the perfect tool to help you recover your equipment in the case of theft and keeping track of your on-site inventory. 

Paul McGowan, Plant Manager at APL Construction said: “After informing the police of the theft, I followed the tracker to find our excavator abandoned at a disused quarry. Luckily there was minimum damage, just a few disconnected plastics, where the thief had been looking for trackers. Fortunately the ABAX tracker is installed to the battery and was still intact.” 

Paul also said: “We were very lucky to have been able to recover our excavator, with thanks to the ABAX tracking unit being installed. We would definitely recommend anyone that has expensive equipment to look into tracking, as without it, we would now be without our excavator, which would cost our business thousands.” 

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