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Take control of fleets and assets by making mobility smarter

The spectre of a recession overshadowing businesses means today there is a need for greater operational efficiencies and effectiveness across the board. Transportation doesn’t get left out of this challenge.

Organisations are doing what they can to increase their profitability, and find mobility solutions that will improve their overall efficiency, enabling them to comply with legislation, in what is predicted to be tough times ahead. 

Inflationary pressures don’t make it any easier. At the end of July 2022, GlobalData wrote:

“Global inflation forecast to rise to 7.5% by the end of 2022, driven by food, fuel, energy, and supply chain disruption cause by the Russian-Ukrainian War.”


It adds that the original forecast, made in February 2022, expected an inflation rate of 4.8% by the end of 2022.

While individual organisations on their own may not be able to stop these challenges, they can put in place strategies to meet them head-on. Taking control of their own assets is one way to achieve success, greater efficiencies, and regulatory compliance.

What is Asset Management?

How is this achieved? By having a dashboard of all assets and operations. This permits companies to control how their assets are used, how they are maintained, how they are developed, and where they are utilised to achieve a high level of efficiency and effectiveness. 

Making mobility smarter

Having a dashboard, and the ability to track assets and operations, is the best way to make mobility smarter when the market is facing uncertain times, complexities, and externally driven challenges.

Get more insight into your business at a glance

Fleet tracking can ringfence vehicles to ensure they avoid traffic jams by being re-routed without a significant impact on customer service and project delivery. Whenever a vehicle or a tool asset is stolen, it can be located and recovered – reducing insurance claims. 

Tracking with the support of a dashboard can also be utilised to reduce accidents by, for example, measuring driver behaviour to enable better fleet driver training and performance. By improving driver performance, companies can save fuel too, and at a time when petrol and diesel prices are at all-time high at the pump, that’s got to be a good money-saving thing to do.

From an emissions perspective, lowering fuel consumption also reduces the impact that each vehicle has on the environment. With tracking organisations can reduce idle times and cut vehicle downtimes. 

Emission reporting made easy

In fact, tracking improves the optimisation and co-ordination of fleets, helping to reduce wasted time and costs and by minimising risk. With fleet tracking and telematics, companies can reduce fleet running costs by up to 50%. All that’s required is accurate, simple fleet and asset tracking software. 

With a high quality IoT-solution, organisations can turn their mobility data into insights. They can be used to make actionable decisions and to find practical solutions to lower the total cost of mobility. Companies can therefore create strategies to overcome both external and internal challenges to manage their operations more efficiently. This is not just about saving time and money. Resources are saved too whenever data insights are used effectively to improve asset and fleet management. 

Why adapting a Smart Mobility solution?

By deploying a mobility solution, organisations can increase the lifespan of their assets. Those assets include fleet vehicles, machinery and tools. With a smart mobility solution, like ABAX, businesses will realise the benefits of smart asset utilisation and achieve less waste in lost or misused tools. Maintenance can be conducted as and when it’s needed to maintain vehicle or tool uptime, allowing more work to be done over their lifetime than would otherwise occur, if they were left to breakdown before being serviced. 

How mobility data and road safety interact

By adding the service usage and the use of data-driven insurance, as well as leasing, the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) will decrease. Smart Mobility can more than quadruple an Enterprise Cost of Mobility through cost reductions in all main cost areas of a mobile asset.

“With ABAX, your operations can be optimised through insight. When acting upon data, your company will enhance safety within your fleet and lengthen the asset lifespan. The cost of maintenance, fuel usage, and real value depreciation will also go down”

Morten Strand, CEO, ABAX

GPS and BLE (Bluetooth) technology

How can assets be tracked? Today, Global Positioning System (GPS), and BLE Bluetooth technology is used. They are complemented by the ABAX Smart Mobility solution, which can locate all company assets and show them on a shared map. 

No need for additional hardware, as through OpenAPIs, any asset type or manufacturer’s brand, such as Hitachi machines, can be connected and added to the SaaS - platform. It's an effective way to make life simple for managers who gain from having a full overview of tools, vehicles, and machines in one common map and report.

Embrace smarter mobility

With a smart mobility platform like ABAX, organisations can embrace smarter mobility benefitting from the the Global Network with over 500,000 tracked units all over the world. Data is the bedrock of our proposition because it translates customer mobility data into advanced technology solutions, unlocking company data potential and savings. 

For example, ABAX assisted UK-based McCann's Construction with their full range of assets like tool tracking. McCanns often lost Stihl saws on sites before implementing a SaaS-solution. That’s not the only cost though. Lost or missing tools create additional issues like project delays and time and money spent buying new assets.

In 2020 theft cost the construction industry £800 million and that figure is projected to increase in 2022. 

UK Construction Media

ABAX helped McCanns by adding trackers to all company assets and setting up a geofence to decrease the number of losses. With the help of technology, all motions trespassing geographic fences will be picked up and sent out as a warning to the phone.

Did you know ABAX is more than just a vehicle tracking company covering mileage claims and compliance? Through the improved mobility data platform we are offering management solutions for all moving company assets such as vehicles, machinery, equipment, and tools no matter the OEM.

The future of connected assets is already being developed into the ABAX solution ready to be integrated with your preferred solutions. It integrates all mobility data into an overarching ecosystem that brings additional savings and business opportunities with data analysis.

“As of today, ABAX has no competitors developing both ubiquitous connectivity and software for the future of mobility. By connecting data from all company assets into one user interface, ABAX has taken the use of data a giant step further.”  

Morten Strand

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