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Saw your costs! How to increase construction business profitability

Do you operate in construction and want to increase the profitability? Here, ABAX lists 4 smart products that help small and large construction companies get more efficient and cut costs!

The market's best solutions to hammer away at challenges

Regardless of the size of the company, there are certain challenges that recur amongst construction companies. One of those is the comprehensive regulations related to HSE. All businesses are required to hold the official HSE card, which documents that they, among other things, safeguard the employees' safety.

But there are of course other issues the industry sees as daily challenges as well:

  • To prevent theft/have an overview of easily tradable tools and equipment
  • To minimise private use of company vehicles/minimise damage and workshop costs on company vehicles
  • To streamline the employees' working day/increase the number of billable hours
  • To improve service level towards customers/improving communication with partners and subcontractors

ABAX Fleet Management: Increases efficiency and number of billable hours  

Effective project management and logistics are often crucial for the profitability of the construction companies. With ABAX Fleet Management, the company can save both fuel costs and labour costs.

At the same time, logistics, efficiency and service level are improving, and the number of billable hours is increasing. Interested? Of course you are!

To managers, a complete overview of employees and geographical location of company vehicles is a prerequisite for being able to provide top service to customers.

Therefore, the installation of ABAX Fleet Management with GPS function is worth its weight in gold:

  • It shows the company vehicles' geographical location and driving history
  • The map is updated every minute and can be used to steer employees away from traffic jams
  • It saves valuable time that can be used to increase the number of billable hours
  • Management can provide customers/partners accurate updates on when employees arrive at the workplace

This advanced hardware from ABAX can also be used in relation to HSE to increase employee and customer safety. In the spring of 2020, Larvik Municipality in Norway purchased ABAX Fleet Management to keep track of which vehicle and which employee in their home health care service has been where. In this way, they were prepared if infection tracking becomes relevant in connection with Covid-19.

ABAX are used to verify timesheets and to make sure the employees are on the right sites, and to check that vehicles are not being used excessively outside of work hours. Financially it's helped me hugely to avoid vehicles misuse and to make sure the wages are paid correctly and for work that’s actually been done.

DGK Construction Ltd, UK

ABAX MINI - the market's best theft protection for construction companies

Most construction companies own valuable, mobile tools and machines. In addition to the fact that theft from company vehicles and construction sites is a constant concern to management, expensive tools are often forgotten and misplaced so that employees spend valuable time searching for it.

Surveys show that in general, employees in craft companies spend an average of 10 minutes every day (about 38 hours per year) looking for tools. The solution? ABAX Track Units of course!

With the small devices called ABAX MINI, management always has an overview of where the tool is located. It offers several other benefits too:

  1. Equipment is not misplaced, lost and purchased several times
  2. Equipment is to a lesser extent borrowed and forgotten to be returned by employees
  3. The company does not lose billable hours on tool searching
  4. Employees' use of various company vehicles and tools is made more efficient
  5. Stolen equipment is immediately located

Since having the trackers on our vehicles and plant, productivity has increased by 33% and a stolen van was recovered within 2 hours of being reported stolen,

JMC Contruction Ltd

Tighten the vehicle costs with ABAX Driving Behavior

High costs related to company vehicles is something both small and large companies in construction industry struggle with. Management often worry about such as reckless driving, sudden acceleration, minor bumps, large workshop bills, frequent private use and high insurance premiums. 

With ABAX Driving Behavior you can reduce the costs and your company accident statistics. Surveys among our clients in the construction industry show that follow-up and close dialogue with drivers contribute to smoother driving and increased focus on traffic safety amongst the drivers. The financial benefit is obvious - the companies that use ABAX Driving Behaviour reduce the operating costs associated with their vehicles.

The risk of accidents is reduced due to the Driving Behaviour system being installed. We would always recommend ABAX, it's made our lives a lot easier.

ELITE Windows Ltd.

This is how it works:

With ABAX Driving Behavior, you get insight into the drivers' driving data in the form of figures and statistics. The management can see exactly how much the cars are idling, and this particular knowledge can be used to change driving routes, or also change routines for driving to and from parts warehouse and workplaces so that the number of billable hours increases.

driving score abax

Our customer surveys show that fleet monitoring cuts costs quickly in 5 areas:

  •  Lower fuel and workshop costs
  •  Increased environmental awareness among drivers
  •  Company vehicles get involved in fewer accidents
  • Reduced private use of company vehicles
  • The vehicles' insurance premium cost less


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