Rubbishcut Ltd Change Vehicle Tracking To ABAX

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Rubbishcut Ltd use ABAX tracking

Rubbishcut Ltd decided to remove their current vehicle tracking system, and replace it with the ABAX Triplog, a cost-effective, self-installable solution.

Rubbishcut Ltd provide a waste removal service in London and the surrounding areas, and have a growing fleet of rubbish removal tipper vans. Waste removal in the UK shouldn't be a difficult subject, but we have all seen the devastating affect of fly tipping costing councils £49.8m in 2016 (Guardian, 2017). Rubbishcut Ltd is proud to be responsible and a fully licensed waste carrier. Rubbishcut Ltd track all of their vans using GPS systems to maximise the efficiency of their fleet and prove to the relevant authorities that they dispose of all the rubbish they collect responsibly on recycling sites.

Piotr Urbaniak, Director of Rubbishcut Ltd said: “Using a tracking system helps us to fulfil more jobs in a day, since we know exactly where our vans are, it is therefore critical for offering same day waste removal service. Another reason for using the ABAX tracking system is that we have saved money on our fleet insurance premium. Recently, we had one of our company vehicles stolen, and if we didn't have a tracker in our van, we would have lost it and would have to make insurance claim and lose our premium discounts."

"After noticing that one of our vehicles was not where we left it and confirming that our driver was not with the vehicle, we called the police and went with them to the location and recovered our vehicle without any problem. Fleet tracking is not only useful for saving money on diesel, it's great for any company with any size of fleet.”