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Reap the economic benefits of electrical vehicle tracking

Did you know that there are a lot more benefits to electrical fleets than just reducing your fuel bill? Read about how data and reports from trackers can be beneficial to your EV-fleet, with 24/7 access from your phone. 

Always tax compliant 

The HMRC regulations apply to EV fleet as well as regular fuelled cars. The business mileage reports will be generated automatically always leaving you in control of your mileage expenses. Our high quality sensors will make sure your you have an easy audit at hand. Whether you're claiming back business mileage yourself or managing a fleet of mileage claim vehicles, the easy-to-use ABAX mileage claim solution works flawlessly.  

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Driving behaviour will reduce wear and tear 

Did you know EV’s wear out the tyres more rapidly than fuel tanked cars? The reason is the higher weight of the batteries and the fact that EV’s accelerate the second you press the pedal. The high instant torque of electric vehicles will in fact increase wear and tear on your fleet, such as the tyres. 

The greater acceleration makes most drivers have an abrupt driving style with more acceleration, harsh breaking and fast turns than on a regular fuelled car. This is the reason why many fleet managers experience the need to change tyres more often on their EV fleet, and we all know tyres are expensive.

Our solutions allows you to track how your drivers are navigating the road, reducing overall risk and ensuring company driving policies are being adhered.  A fleet that is driven efficiently and safely costs less overall in fuel and servicing, is greener and has fewer accidents.  

Driving behavior acceleration

Events in the map 

Monitor all vehicles, machines and tools in one map, no matter the fuel type .Unfortunately, abrupt driving also results in more speeding tickets and accidents. With telematics and ABAX Driver ID, you will know who’s behind the steering wheel at any time. All Driving Behaviour events will be visible in the map. Each trip will also have information about speeding, harsh breaking and turns, as well as rapid acceleration. 

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Assess sustainability 

Do you know what vehicles that pollutes the most and should be replaced first? The environment report will give an indication of how much CO2 you emit in any time period. Buy swapping the most polluting ones first, you can quickly see how fast you CO2 emissions decreases. Taking environmental responsibility seriously is also a great competitive benefit in the market.  

ABAX driving emissions

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Utilisation – how many vehicles do you need? 

Are you upgrading your fleet to electrical vehicles? Are you sure you have the right amount of vehicles you need to run your business? The Vehicle utilisation report will uncover the actual need of vehicles based on the number of trips and distance driven. Check the percentage each car has driven, and you will easily see what vehicles your employees prefers. Most likely it is the cars parked closest to your entrance. Maybe you can save on purchasing less Electric Vehicles in your renewed fleet? 

Less driving around looking for assets wasting battery charge

Did you know an average worker spend 38 hours looking for tools annually? In addition, a lot of employees drive between plants looking for the equipment they need. With the help BLe-trackers, your drivers can use their phones to search for assets via Bluetooth and the number of unnecessary trips will decrease.

Looking for lost and stolen tools can be frustrating at best but it can also create a large amounts of wasted time. We can help you relocate equipment plus we can help you stop wasting money on machinery which isn't being used.  

Route planning for less worries about range 

The accurate and live map view will help you improve your routes. Use live and historical data to help your driver pick the ideal route, avoid traffic jams and high speed roads, will make sure the dispatched vehicles have enough battery charge to get the job done. 

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