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The boom of Internet of Things is witnessed in all walks of life – also when it comes to telematics. This growth demands better connectivity, improved communications, flexible scheduling, and higher-order modulation. In this article, we will discuss why Narrowband-Internet of Things (NB-IoT) is the next generation IoT.

IoT communication technology helps the world become smarter

The number of smart devices is increasing day by day, and to leverage the full potential of these devices, people need a network connection. Therefore, mobile operators are now rolling out network upgrades which will eventually lead to switching off older generation networks.

Let your vehicles and valuables communicate

When you become a client of ABAX, you get a new, private IoT network. All data is protected within this private network, at the same time you get connected to our global network with 350,000 base stations. This means you get to use the power from other ABAX customers in addition to your own private network.

Get connected to our global network with 350 000 base station

ABAX Global Network

The value of having machines, vehicles and equipment which communicate with each other is enormous, simply us because it entails cost savings and optimization for your business. Your vehicles tell you where they are, what they are doing and what they have done. They also tell you about unauthorised use, whether they need service or maintenance, and whether they are available or in use – much like how we humans communicate.

Main features of NB-IoT

One of the most significant advantages of using narrowband IoT technology is reduced power consumption. Devices using this connectivity need to transmit a lesser frequency of data bytes which requires only minimal power. As a result, ABAX´s tracking devices can last for many years without any battery replacement. This is good news for the environment, and in addition our prominent wireless technology is known for excellent indoor coverage, cost efficiency, as well as low power consumption.

abax6 HW family photo with App
Get to know our new Hardware family, ABAX6

This is how you get a better business with ABAX NB-IoT

NB-IoT uses the existing mobile networks to connect with a wide-range of devices. See below for some examples on how our services can assist you in achieving a smarter business.

Monitor real-time location of the fleet: Watching the current location of vehicles on the road creates tremendous value. You can find the nearest driver to an urgent job, use the real-time GPS map to check that activity is going according to plan and provide clients with important news about changes. The ability to review historical routes will help you make smarter route planning and manage your company's fleet more cost efficiently.

Track asset location: Modern GPS trackers ensures that you never lose sight of your trailers, power tools or expensive machinery again. You can place one of our trackers on heavy equipment, high-value mobile assets and handheld tools. A quick look at your phone, and you locate your valuables whether its misplaced, stolen or just forgotten at home by one of your employees.

Driving Behaviour: Drivers play a key role in ensuring the safety of your fleet. Therefore it’s imperative that you check-in to see if they are qualified and stick to the road rules. Telematics products control driver's behaviour give you detailed statistics on their emergency braking, acceleration and idling. Surveys show that specific follow-up leads to nicer driving, less damage to the vehicles, lower service costs, and reduced fuel consumption and insurance premiums.

Fleet maintenance reports: When vehicles and equipment are properly inspected and maintained, it increases usage, improves on-road safety for the drivers and eliminates the risk of complex compliance issues. Our fleet management systems ( will send you as an example, reports based on, activity or timeframes to inform when vehicles are due for repairs so that they stay as safe, reliable and long-lasting as possible.

Go digital on trip logs: Fleets no longer have to depend on paper reports. You can capture data with GPS-trackers and streamline the tax reporting process. An up-to-date trip log allows you to easily comply with government regulations to facilitate the payroll process of these benefits. Auditing timecards and billing becomes easier as well.


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