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How long was your plant equipment with the customer?

This is a question many fleet owners ask, but never receive an answer to…until now with our Time in Area Report!

Attempting to manage numerous pieces of machinery and plant equipment can seem like an impossible task without proper systems at hand. Fleet owners often struggle figuring out where their assets are, how long they were in a certain area and how long they have been operating for.

ABAX Equipment Control is known for tracking machinery, tools and equipment with a high level of accuracy. By adding features to your service, you can get even more from your subscription!

A common scenario:

Your business is delivering goods to various places and you want to ensure proper service for your customers. You have 3 trailers going to 3 different stores ordering your goods. In order to ensure a high-quality service, you want to know how long each driver spent offloading the goods from the trailers.

ABAX makes trailer tracking easy

By utilising the GPS positioning of ABAX Equipment Control and our new Equipment Time in Area Report, you’ll know when your equipment entered and left a geofence that you created. As a result of this information, you will be able to see how long the job took and how long the asset was in that area.


Benefits of Equipment Time in Area Report:

  • Full control over your equipment and machines.

  • Accurate utilisation calculations.

  • A good overview of how long your equipment was in a certain area.

Equipment Time In Area Report

Equipment Time in Area Report can assist you to invoice out services even more accurately. Also, to understand how long drivers were in certain locations for better time management and planning.

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