Portrait photos of Petter Quinsgaard and Bjørn Erik Helgeland

Our new Mission Statement

From 1st January ABAX' Mission Statement has changed to "Solutions Provider for the Connected Workspace".

ABAX Mission

The company’s Mission Statement “Problem solver for everyone using vehicles at work” was put up in 2009. This mission statement has guided the company to where we are today.

Technology is changing the way the world works. This is happening in an ever increasing pace and affects all parts of our working day. For ABAX this means that we constantly need to be at the forefront of providing smart solutions that will give you easy access to all parts of your work, regardless if you're in your car, at the office or out in the field. In 2017 we released ABAX Worker, and we are getting more and more relevant also for companies that have no or limited use of vehicles. Going forward this trend will be even stronger, and as a consequence we now have changed our Mission Statement to “Solutions Provider for The Connected Workspace”. 

We started this work at Kick-off in 2016, where all employees were involved in creative sessions in order to formulate the new Mission Statement for the company. There have also been work group sessions after, with the latest being at the management workshop in Granada in November. A lot of good ideas have come in, but few that really hit the target. One of the challenges was that the existing Mission Statement was a very good one, and one that really means something for the company and the people working here.

A truely good Mission Statement has some basic requirements:

  • It defines the company’s market
  • It identifies what the company does for its customers
  • It serves as a guideline for the company’s development
  • The employees can relate to the Mission Statement in their day-to-day work
  • The owners can feel confident that the business is serving their purpose


ABAX’ market can be defined in many ways. Geographically, by customer segments, by customer industries, by the industry we are working in and by the technology and solutions we provide.


The mission we have had since 2009 states that we solve problems for our customers. With our new Mission Statement we will continue to deliver high quality products and services to help our customers be more profitable every day. We will deliver with enthusiasm to ensure that our customers also are enthusiastic. And we will always strive to be in the forefront of the technological evolution to make sure our customers have the best and newest solutions available in their everyday work.


One of the most challenging decisions is what not to do. The mission statement shall help us make those decisions.


In order to relate to the mission statement, the mission statement must mean something in our day-to-day work. The mission statement must be part of what creates meaning doing what we are doing.


When investing in a business most investors are very conscious in choosing the industry. Are the investors interested in real estate, farming or technology? ABAX is working in the IoT (Internet of Things) space, and when investing in ABAX any investor is very aware of this. The Mission Statement should also reflect this.

Our new Mission statement has now been defined, and will be presented at Kick-off. This Mission Statement does fulfil the requirements above, and should help us in developing our company further.

- Petter Quinsgaard, CEO ABAX and Bjørn Erik Helgeland, COO ABAX