Scheduled reports

Our most popular scheduled reports

Did you know that we have reports that are sent straight to your inbox without you having to lift a finger? After you have set up the reports, the relevant information will be sent automatically as often as you want. 

What is a scheduled report?

A scheduled report is an extra service that all ABAX customers with an electronic gps tracking device can use. With the tracking device installed, you can benefit from a large quantity of fleet data. We also offer an overview of more than just how many miles you have driven. We have a wide range of reports and our dashboard will show your reports as user-friendly widgets when you log in, whether this is by mobile phone or computer. The reports can be saved, printed and shared in your preferred format.

When you log in, you will find our useful tools under the scheduled reports option. Here, you can set up the range of reports you want and our software will collect the relevant data from your vehicles and send it in an easy-to-read report straight to your email inbox. You can choose the interval yourself: daily, weekly or monthly. 

Some of our reports are more popular than others

We have reports for both Triplog and Equipment Control since most of our customers are better at using reports related to specific vehicles. ‘Trips outside working hours’ is by far the most popular report our customers use and most of them have chosen to receive the report on a weekly basis. 

Trip stop report is our newest report

There are many scheduled reports to choose from and several have been developed at the request of our customers. The trip stop report is a newcomer among our scheduled reports and is the perfect tool for businesses that have fleet vehicles on assignment. The report gives you a complete overview of when, where and how long a vehicle has stopped on the journey so that you can better streamline the driver’s day. A more efficient work flow means a better bottom line result.

Read more about the trip stop report

Overview of our reports

  • Status report
  • Trip report
  • Invoice basis
  • Notification report
  • Distance report (driver)
  • Distance report (vehicle)
  • Time in area report
  • Driver report
  • Delivered triplog report
  • Environment report
  • Inspection (MOT) report
  • Insurance
  • Leasing
  • Service
  • Trip stop report
  • Driving behaviour report
  • Vehicle utilisation report

How to get started

If you have reports as part of your subscription, you can easily get started by following the steps below. We also have a set-up guide in the left-hand corner which can be of help if you encounter problems.

If you do not have reports available, please contact us.

1.    Log in: 
2.    Click on the cogwheel 
3.    Select ‘Add new’
4.    Select report(s) in the drop down menu
5.    Type the frequency at which you would like the reports to be sent
6.    Click 'Save'


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