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Our customers makes us better

Here at ABAX our customers mean everything to us. We regularly communicate with our customers and we actually develop some of our services based on this feedback. One of the biggest advantages of using ABAX is that our solutions are developed in-house.  

A change takes place 

One of the biggest advantages of using ABAX is that our solutions are developed in-house. According to Product Manager Bjørn Andre Hagen, the advantage of developing the products and services in-house is that we can change and adapt the product according to the customer’s needs.  

– After a period of development, the customers will experience being heard. Requirements from customers are received and these are incorporated into developments if many such requests are registered, so that more customers can benefit from them. 

Feedback on changes could come from the customer when they contact customer service, but we also have a separate team that contacts current customers to ensure that they are happy with the product. The team is called ‘Customer Success’ and this is led by one of our experts, Esther Alvarez-Andersen.   

How do you process customer feedback requesting changes? 

‘We talk with our customers on a daily basis and therefore work closely with the end-users and our customers' needs. We take possible needs for improvement into account when developing a product.’ 

Bjørn Andre Hagen

Customer surveys

We also actively ask our customers how satisfied they are to gauge where there might be a potential for improvement. Esther Alvarez department works with customer surveys and ensures that ABAX is aware at all times of whether the customer is satisfied with our services, which is of great significance.

‘It's important that the customer likes and uses the products we develop, and we try at all times to keep up-to-speed on the customer's user patterns and wishes.‘

Esther Alvarez

Our customers actively contribute to improving our services 

In addition to traditional customer surveys, in which we measure satisfaction with our products, our customers actively contribute to the development of our services through the ABAX customer panel.  

Our customers provide feedback on ideas and prototypes, and they participate in user tests and observation interviews. By doing this, we gain an insight into how our services actually work for the customer, the needs they cover and what we can improve in relation to user-friendliness, functionality as well as design. All customers are welcome to participate in our customer panel and if you’d like to join in please get in touch with panel@abax.no

– Our focus is on creating value for our customers, and creating tools that the customers really benefit from in their everyday life. We work continuously to gain insight into customer wants, needs and user patterns, says Esther Alvarez.

Upgraded services based on customer input

The latest release, ABAX new Geofence has improved recently based on multiple inputs from our customers. The improved version makes it possible to add all types of company assets connected to ABAX within one and the same zone, which is much wanted among customers running projects where their invoices are based on the asset usage.


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