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New map design provides a better overview

We constantly update our products and services to improve them for customers, and many of the updates are actually based on the wishes of and input from our customers. We asked our product department what customers can expect.

New map design provides a better overview

New and old customers alike will see the difference as soon as they log in. They will see a cleaner and more structured design. The map will provide a simple and complete overview of the company’s vehicles with a simple filter that distinguishes between vehicles, equipment, vehicles in motion and vehicles that are idling. 

What are the biggest differences for customers?

'When customers log in, they will hopefully have a much better customer experience than previously. The "old" map has a lot of very good functionality, but some of it was difficult to understand and often a bit hidden away,’ says Alexander Samnøy, one of the map developers. 
He points out that the map is far from finished, although it has now been released to all customers. It’s not only supposed to look good, it’s also meant to be functional.
‘We have focused on the user during development of the map, and have worked closely with our customers during the process.’ 

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All of the company’s assets in one image

ABAX Triplog and Equipment Control provide a full overview of all the company’s assets, and we are now making it even easier to gain a quick overview of vehicles and tools when you log into the new map.
A list will appear on the left-hand side of all the vehicles and equipment with our tracking devices, so that relevant information such as address, status and whether the driver is logged in, will always be easy to see without having to click on the vehicles. 

Lots of exciting new features will be added to the map going forward that we know our customers both expect and want

Alexsander Samnøy, Business Analyst, ABAX

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User friendly map:

  • Direct overview of trips in the map
  • List of all vehicles, tools and machines
  • All relevant information is easily accessible
  • Historical positions and routes
  • Vehicle status: available or in use
  • Name of driver and registration number 
  • Overview of the company’s tools


Are the vehicles parked or on the go?

The map will enable you to see which vehicles are on the road, which are not moving and any vehicles that are idling. This is the perfect tool for improving customer service for service industries with customers who want to know exactly when your company employee is going to knock on the door. 

filtrer på type og status i kartet
Use the filter-function to see status on your units.

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Better overview of equipment and machines

The list of equipment has also been improved based on feedback from our customers. The changes make it easier to maintain an overview and choose how you want to receive notifications, by emails or text message. Another new feature is Equipment Control notification of equipment that has lost power.

Search function

Search directly in the map. An easily accessible search field makes it easy to search for an address, postal code or registration number to find the address or asset you’re looking for.

søkefunksjon i kart
Search for vehicles, tools or machines

Select map type

The feedback from customers shows that our customers prefer different types of map designs. Choose between standard, night, satellite, terrain, or last but not least 3D – Whatever suits you best.

Viser muligheter for kartvisninger
Pick your view

Filters within the map:

  • Vehicle
  • Equipment
  • In motion
  • Parked
  • Idling

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