New product features

Connecting Our Customers With Beneficial Features In 2019

At the start of 2019 we released some asked upon and very useful features. These include Driving Behaviour and more exciting tools to make your workdays more efficient. Read on to see the releases, and how you can save money by utilising these features!

Driving Behaviour

Improve your bottom line based on actual driving. With Driving Behaviour you get insights and data on each driver to help them improve their everyday driving. A fleet that is driven efficiently and safely, costs less in fuel and servicing, is greener, has fewer accidents and is cheaper to insure.
Read more about Driving Behaviour here.

ABAX Mini Upgrade

ABAX's smallest innovation ABAX Mini has been upgraded to make it a more powerful companion for your tools and devices. Previously, the location of ABAX Mini was updated every 20 minutes. Now ABAX Mini's location information will automatically update whenever it is recognised by the ABAX Triplog. In addition, ABAX Triplog, which was previously able to identify and report three ABAX Mini at a time, can now identify up to 50 Minis.
Read more about ABAX Mini here.

Onboarding Wizard

We know that it sometimes can be hard to onboard new services. To make it a whole lot easier for you, we have set up a wizard in your interface to guide you through the most important steps to help you to begin benefitting from the ABAX system as fast as possible. You will be able to see how to add drivers, how to add vehicles, and how to connect the two, among other handy and beneficial tips and tricks.
Log onto the interface to see the guide.

Automatically Set As Private When Outside Normal Working Hours

It's a small one, but nevertheless an update which makes it easy for all our ABAX Triplog customers with commercial vehicles available for private use to easily set trips outside working hours to private.

Subscription Portal

In the ABAX Interface you are now able to terminate your contract or unsubscribe to units directly. Log into your account to find out more.