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Exciting New ABAX Features

Our system delivers much more than just vehicle tracking! ABAX Driving Behaviour data provides insights into how to optimise your business in order to increase efficiencies. Read about our new product features below.

1. Driving Behaviour has been upgraded

Our customers love driving behaviour; the immediate impact it made to their fuel bill provided an instant return on investment. But to get the most out of the service, a business needed to act on the information, and this was something many struggled with – either due to not having the time or the expertise to follow-up with their drivers. But great news – this problem is now solved!  

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2. Gamification

Our service gives your driver’s a score from 0-100 based on how your driver accelerates, turns and whether they idle. This is significant data that you can use to reduce operating costs, and make sure that your vehicles perform well on the road. But numbers mean nothing without context, so we have included a competitive angle to motivate your drivers by utilising leader boards. An admin can not only compare their best and worst drivers, but also see how their business compares to other ABAX customers. 

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3. Idling

We have added vehicle idling to our Driving Behaviour service, making it easier to reduce fuel costs and stay green.  

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4. Admin App 

With our new Admin app, you can get an overview on all of your assets from the palm of your hand. With the historical location of your drivers for the past 7 days, the app is the perfect tool for a better overview during a hectic working day. Ideal for administrators, site managers and shift workers who need the control outside of the office. The app is available for Android and iOS. 

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5. Driver App 

With a new intuitive design, managing trips is even easier, making your employees more efficient. If you also use the new Driving Behaviour service, drivers can now also use the app to see their driving style and coaching tips on how they can improve.  

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Download admin app  Download Admin app Android

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6. Updated Map

We have made several updates in the map that will make your administration even easier. For instance, all the trips will be highlighted depending on the driver's speed. The Yellow colour will indicate movement above the speed threshold, and a red colour will mark where the company vehicle drove the fastest. Those trips will also appear in your Trip reports including the actual mile per hour.

Updated map

7. Equipment Control Battery Status

Do you have Equipment control? Our new voltage feature will probably come handy showing the exact status on the battery level knowing when a recharging will be needed. In other words, the perfect tool for making sure all your equipment is ready for the next assignment. From now we even included a search tool for making it way easier to find your installed MINI’s. 

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8. Open API 

Does your company use other systems in day-to-day management and operations? We have an open API that makes it easy to combine different systems into one integration. Simply, it is just one login for you as a customer, so you can have a much more efficient working day.  

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