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Most stolen machinery and plant: how at risk is your fleet? Pt 2.

In part one of this series, we discussed the top three most stolen tool and plant items in the UK, and the fact that theft of this machinery doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

If you haven’t read the first article, you can do so here.

Below we continue this discussion looking at commonly used items in the construction and utility sectors, as well as a more common piece of equipment…


4. Generators 

Generators come in a variety of sizes and specifications and are highly sought after by thieves, as they’re often stored outside, smaller models are relatively mobile and they hold their resale value well.  

As they are powered by fuel, this is often the thieves’ target, if they’re unable to move the generator unit. By installing a GPS plant tracking device to the generator, it allows it to be easily tracked, should it be stolen. Geofences can also be applied to monitor the equipment’s movements and create alerts if it moves outside of the permitted area.  


5. Wacker plates

Diesel-powered wacker plates have an estimated value of up to £10,000, so they are a top target for construction site thieves. However, they weigh anywhere between 200-500kg, and they’re not wheeled, making them difficult to discreetly move.

Allianz reports that there have been cases of onsite staff being threatened by thieves and the machinery being removed by force. To provide theft, they can be easily fitted with GPS machinery tracking equipment, enabling quick identification of theft and a higher probability of recovery. 


6. Pressure washers

Perhaps less recognised as in-demand by thieves, power and pressure washers are items that are widely used in commercial, industrial, and residential settings, making them very desirable items for thieves as they are easily sold on.  

In addition to this, they are relatively small and portable, making them easy to quickly and discreetly steal. Their value ranges from £100 to £10,000, depending on their brand, features and pressure rating. Unpowered items like pressure washers can be fitted with tool tracking systems, like the ABAX tool tracking solution

The MINI2 is only 19x43x6.5mm and just under 9 grams in weight, making it one of the market's smallest tracking chips. 


Prevention is always better than cure and it is always advised to take steps to secure your valuable assets. Tool trackingplant tracking and machinery tracking are all recommended measures that can help prevent theft, but also assist with recovery, should a crime be committed.  

Criminals are less likely to take tools and equipment with a tool tracking device installed, as this increases their chances of being caught. ABAX offers easy to install, robust and discreet GPS tracking solutions, which come with a Lifetime Warranty and 24/7 support as standard.  


For businesses operating a mixed fleet of vehicles and assets, they can now get location and usage data in one place with ABAX Smart Connect. With a single log in, all assets from world-leading manufacturers can be quickly located on the same screen. Using the ABAX mobile app, instant access is also available on a mobile device, 24/7.