Looking back on 2021 with tracking numbers

2022 is the year of reducing your costs and maximising your efficiency. With the ongoing pandemic, it has become more important than ever to have remote control of your fleet and assets of all sizes from a small drill to a big excavator.   

ABAX's services allow you to make smart decisions for your fleet  – even in a crisis period. Our analytics shows the story behind your data. But what conclusions do you take into account in your annual reports? This is how you convert data into insights. And in 2022, your fleet and asset management strategy needs to be up to the current challenges, using the right data at your fingertips.

What insights do you bring into the new year? 

Did you know that ABAX tracker is one of the most reliable technologies, so not a single mile is left out in your report, which can be an important cost-saver!

2,282,721,556 miles was driven among all ABAX customers, and nearly 376 million miles in the UK alone.

Private driving is costly

Your employees' private usage can be a big cost. Your drivers no longer have to keep track of their private miles and trips themselves. The automatic reporting of ABAX saves them and you a lot of administration (and up to 2.5h per week in over-reported timesheets).

In 2021, our UK telematics customers recorded 311,401 hours of idling across all vehicles. Heavy-duty trucks consume about 0.8 gallons of fuel per hour when idling, so that's over 200K gallons of fuel wasted per year! (source

Leasing vehicles?

The number of miles is always accurate when you are using ABAX reporting, which means that you can effectively manage your contracts with your leasing company. You can have your contracts adjusted to the actual number of miles in a timely manner for next year in order to achieve a good cost spread. This ensures that you do not incur an unexpected payment at the end of your leasing contract. 

How fast do your employees go? We found an average speed of 18.27 mph among all UK ABAX customers with an average trip duration of just 15min.

Do you know if your employees are speeding and what that does to your business? ABAX Driving Behaviour is a service helping your company's drivers drive more efficiently and become more environmentally friendly. As a result, you'll see lower fuel bills, cheaper vehicle maintenance and less emissions.

Tool tracking

There were 22,380 signals coming from all tools equipped with ABAX MINI in the UK in 2021, tracking and preventing theft and loss of 6496 tools.

The ABAX Mini is a smart, reliable and cost-effective way to tracking power tools and portable equipment. It is the perfect solution to helping you locate expensive power tools and other assets belonging to the company. Your employees will no longer waste time looking for equipment, and your company will minimise insurance claims for loss and theft.

Usage of machinery

Did you know that ABAX is s one-stop-shop that tracks all assets within the company? By adding Equipment Control to your online asset management will help gain 100% control over when the next maintenance, inspection or contract renewal is due. 

The UK is the country with the highest usage in our markets with nearly 13 million hours of usage clocked across 11254 plant & machinery units.

Why ABAX can improve your numbers

  • Your employees can spend more time on the jobs giving you more control 
  • Less time is spent on administration, so you increase business efficiency
  • Emit less with tracking driving behaviour 
  • Never miss an appointment for maintenance
  • No more looking for lost tools or equipment

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