Vehicle Management

Less time on vehicle management and more on your profession

Do you spend too much time on leasing, insurance and servicing suppliers online portals? Do you have to log onto multiple platforms looking for dates and schedules? Let us show you how to monitor and manage all of your vehicle information on one single platform.

Tired of having all your vehicle information in different locations?

You are not alone - many of our customers are tradesmen by day and accountants and business administrators by night. Managing your business fleet can become overwhelming especially when you use multiple suppliers for leasing, insurance and servicing. Vehicle Management usually means you have numerous systems and online platforms to work between but most of our customers do not have time, nor the patience, to search through every detail in yet another system, with one more log in.

Get a quick overview of your vehicles information on one single platform.

All fleet information in one single platform

Wouldn’t it be helpful if there were an easier solution to this time consuming problem?

What about having easy access to all your company leasing, insurance and maintenance information for every vehicle, in one single portal. Whenever you need a quick check up on an upcoming service or vehicle inspection you could find it all on the same system.

Endless possibilities

Well, an easy overview like this is already possible at ABAX. We have one single platform where you can monitor and manage all your vehicle information. Many fleet owners and managers are already using this platform to make their workday much easier.

Simply collate your vehicle leasing, insuring and servicing contractual data into the Vehicle Management tool and enjoy all the extra time you have saved. The system will then notify you when important vehicle milestones are coming up, such as when a vehicle requires service or when your vehicle inspection is due.

More ways to handle your fleet with less management

The ABAX solution can continue to support an efficient workday by offering more tools such as a live location of each of your vehicles, allowing you to have complete control over your entire fleet 24/7.

If you’re the type of fleet manager that wants to improve the efficiency of your fleet to save money, you’ll want the kind of insight that tells you if your employees are driving the vehicles safely or not. Perhaps there are any vehicles underutilised, standing parked where they shouldn’t be?

Maybe you’re the kind of fleet manager that is looking to minimise paperwork and make all the administration around managing a fleet streamlined?

Time saving implementations that are paperless and automatic, like Mileage Claim, become extremely sought-after especially when your vehicles trips include multiple toll charges.

Interested in saving both time and money? At ABAX we will give you an easy way to manage all your vehicles information on one single platform.