Launch of ABAX Smart Connect – but what is it actually?

ABAX is launching a ground-breaking new service this week that will revolutionise the day-to-day work of fleet administrators and owners of mixed fleets, i.e. enterprises that own machinery, vehicles and tools. We asked our Senior Product Manager to explain what it entails.

What is ABAX Smart Connect?

ABAX Smart Connect is equipment control based on telematics that have already been installed by the manufacturer. Open APIs enable ABAX to retrieve available data from all types of machinery, plant and equipment - whoever the manufacturer is, meaning there is no need to install new hardware.


What makes ABAX Smart Connect unique?

ABAX is the first company to introduce a solution that traces and follows up all your enterprise’s assets with just one login. Not only can machinery be connected to the enterprise’s network, but also vehicles equipped with ABAX telematics, and tool tracking can be added to provide a full overview of assets.


Why don’t I need hardware?

You do, but only hardware that has already been installed in your machinery at the factory. Most machinery suppliers equip their machinery with telematics that can be connected to a cloud service, which is where ABAX Smart Connect comes in.


What if the machinery doesn’t have telematics?

If a unit has not already been installed in your machinery, you can of course use ABAX Hardware where our broad range is guaranteed to meet your needs. Several of the biggest machinery manufacturers on the market such as Hitachi, John Deere and CAT are already set up for you to connect to.


Why should an enterprise use ABAX Smart Connect?

Today, most enterprises own many valuable tools and machinery from a range of manufacturers. ABAX Smart Connect functions across brands without having to take said machinery out of service, and it provides a good and simple overview that enables you to keep track of your assets. 


What information is retrieved?

Most machinery manufacturers use a common ISO standard 15143-3, also known as AEMP 2.0. This standard sets out 19 data points, but in some cases fewer and in other cases more data points will appear in the overall ABAX Smart Connect solution.


Includes forward-looking environmental report

ABAX has also developed a brand new environmental report that will meet future emission documentation requirements. The EU will now require entrepreneurs to submit reports to the authorities that accurately document the emissions from all machinery. This means that many municipalities in Norway have already incorporated CO2 reporting in their tenders. A date has yet to be set for when EEA countries will be required to submit environmental reports for all construction projects, but we already have everything you need. 

Read an article about the environmental report


How does it work in practice?

If you are already an ABAX customer, you can connect to your machinery already today.

  1.     Log in to ABAX and go to Smart Connect
  2.     Many machinery brands are already there. 
  3.     Log in with the login details from your chosen manufacturer
  4.     Already subscribing? Swipe to connect the chosen piece of machinery
  5.     If you would like to connect to other brands, get in touch
  6.    If you are not a customer or need to expand your subscription to include equipment control, get in touch 


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