RFID-leserer gir oversikt over hvem som har vært i bilen

Larvik municipality uses ABAX to trace Corona virus

Up until now, we are best known for our wide range of products linked to ABAX Driving Behaviour. Now our GPS technology is installed in all cars that belong to the health service in Larvik municipality. The project will give the city better control and help them to trace the Corona virus.

Atle Karlsen, CPO at ABAX, says that everything is up and running when it comes to trace the virus with the Norwegian-developed software. He explains how GPS technology can provide better virus control in the health service department:

– If one of the nurses gets the symptoms, the manager can quickly use our technology to get an immediate overview of where he or she has been, whom they have been in contact with, and also find out which other employees have used the same car.

Atle Karlsen ser nye veier for telematikk
Atle Karlsen are looking for new ways to use telematics

New areas of usage emerge

The contract between the city of Larvik and ABAX is for the rest of this calendar year. It’s obvious that the Corona pandemic has created new areas where one can use ABAX technology, Karlsen explains to the local newspaper Østlands-Posten (ØP). He believes that it`s gratifying to get enquiries about test projects like this.
Digitization Manager in Larvik municipality, Mr. Wilhelm Einen, states to Østlands-Posten that this is a pilot project where ABAX gets to test its technical solutions in the local area. The Corona situation has led  to new areas of usage, and it’s extremely important for us to keep a track of where the cars have been, he points out.

Privacy versus GPS tracking

When it comes to GPS tracking, questions about privacy are relevant. Mr. Karlsen emphasizes the fact that ABAX works with privacy on a daily basis. Among other things, the company has its own in-house DPO, a high information security level and brilliant data management routines.

– We provide excellent guidance to customers on how to use our GPS systems properly and in accordance with the Privacy Act. Be sure, ABAX tracking system applies only to cars in service.

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Perfect logistics ideal when it comes to emergency preparedness

In a nutshell, ABAX believe that crisis preparedness in companies is all about having a complete overview on the whereabouts of employees and the company's assets at all times. Crisis preparedness is primarily about logistics - knowing where the crew and assets are at all times, and who uses or has used the vehicles.

With telematics in cars and on equipment, you have not only the possibility to keep control of the cars, where they are and where they have been. You also have the possibility to install a local "IOT" network which gives an overview of all the company's assets on a map.

ABAX can be used for the following when it comes to virus control:

  • See who is where and when - create "safety zones" e.g. around nursing homes, and keep a track of who's moving in and out of them
  • If the virus has occurred, you can see who has been where, and take action to keep the risk of infection at the lowest possible level
  • You can install telematics on critical equipment that is inside the car and get full control at all times and manage your assets on a digital map
  • You can get reports on usage and driving patterns, and get complete control of all equipment so that it`s easily accessible and ready to use

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Councilman in Larvik praises the project

Assistant councilman in Larvik municipality, Ingvild Aartun, is excited about the advantages the city receives through this project. Aartun says to Østlands-Posten that she is grateful that a local company wants to help the city improve its services and praises the local initiative. The project will give the municipality new and better opportunities for infection detection and control.This cooperation is good for the city and opens up new opportunities for ABAX. Nothing is better than when local forces work as a team. This will give us an even better overview of all the municipality's equipment and vehicles, says Aartun. 

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