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Insider - meet Senior Director of Software Engineering Mr. Wan Luo

Want an insight into what it is like to work at ABAX? Here you get to know the Senior Director of Software Engineering, Mr. Wan Luo, who is employed at the head office in Larvik, Norway.

A burning desire to work for the market leader

Mr. Wan Lou is 37 years old and has worked at ABAX for 7 months. The title Senior Director of Software Engineering tells us something about his work areas. Mr. Luo says:

– Technology is focused on breaking new ground. You get the opportunity to work at the cutting-edge of research and innovation. That suits me perfectly, as I see myself as an innovator. I would love to work for a company that will lead the future of our industry. That company is ABAX!

Confident in Tech as an exciting and varied career choice

There are four reasons in particular why Mr. Wan Luo chose to pursue a career in the tech industry. He finds it exciting to work innovatively. ABAX invests heavily in research, and the company has a good culture for encouraging ideas and new solutions from employees. At the same time, he emphasizes that the tech industry places great demands on initiative and creativity: 

– A world of opportunities opens up for the right person, and in terms of salary, the industry is also attractive. A career in Tech can be very meaningful as we are using technology to solve the real-world problems every day. And because of the evolvement of technology, having a career in tech means you will constantly learn new skills and knowledge.

March Madness best work place memory

ABAX has a clear goal of having 80% satisfied employees at all times. On the ground floor of the head office in Larvik, employees can play billiard, use the football table or relax in deep, green sofas. But these are just everyday measures. In the month of March, “March Madness” is arranged where the management invents constantly new tricks. It can be "crossdressing", where the boys have to dress in women's clothes and vice versa. Or days where everyone wears sweatpants or caps and is pulled out of their own comfort zone. “March Madness” is Mr. Wan Luo's best workplace from ABAX:

Everyone was driving towards the same goal together while having a lot of fun.  It was brilliant!

Wan Luo

Loves a technical deep dive with colleagues

For Mr. Wan Luo, the best thing about working in Norway and Larvik is that he experiences a healthy work-life balance. He usually starts his workday with the typical catching up on the morning emails and task reminders. After, he focuses on five main areas - of which platform stability and customer issues are the first:

– I then focus my attention on ongoing project status review and feature design reviews or technical deep dives and follow up with remote teams. I have 1:1´s with my managers and team leads too. Great days are those that involve feature design reviews or technical deep dives with the team. Fortunately, I have many great days here at ABAX!

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