Insider - Meet Renate Dahlstrøm, Senior UI/UX Designer

What is it like to work in a big Tech company like ABAX as an UX designer? Get to know Renate Dahlstrøm's worklife at ABAX, who explains how working in the fast pace Tech industry can be both challenging and fun. 

Renate has worked at ABAX for 3 years now, and want to stay because of the work environment and all of her co-workers. A job in Tech also gives many challenges and opportunities to grow, in an industry that grows rapidly.

– I want to stay because of the positive work environment, all the wonderful people, and because of all the things I learn, and challenges given. Both when it comes to enhancing my skills as a UX designer, but I also learn a lot from all other roles in the company. It is fun to be part of a large Tech company that aims for the stars. I also enjoy working with so many different personalities and cultures, it is exciting and it interests me on a personal level.

Best memory in ABAX

–  My best memory from ABAX would be the lunches with my friends in the canteen before it closed down due to covid. It was so much fun, always! Really miss it. Hopefully it will soon be back.

Why pursue a career in Tech, why is it so exiting and cool?

– I can only speak for myself, but I find Tech companies exiting because the industry is growing at an enormous pace..

It is exciting to be part of that journey. I also learn so much along the way.

Renate Dahlstrøm

A typical day at the office

Renate starts every day with a cup of coffee before she goes thrugh all of the work from the day before to see where she's at.

– Then I go into stand-ups with the different cross-functional teams, where we go through progress of the different initiatives. After that, I see what needs to be prioritized this day. Then I start my work, sketching, prototyping, testing and discussing possible solutions with colleagues.   

User testing and interviews with customers and other externals is also a part of the process - in addition to analysing metrics to see how the customers uses the products and find pain points and breaches in the user flow.

– In between this, I enjoy the coffee chats with my fantastic friends at the office.

Maintains a holistic design

Renate trires to maintain a holistic view on all of the design work done for ABAX products. Together with the other UX designers, she works to create and maintain a design system. 

– This work is important to achieve a consistent design cross our product and speed up our work.

renate insider

Loves the Norwegian coast

– To me the best thing about Larvik and Norway would be the beautiful coast. I totally love it. I spend so much time by the sea, either hiking, relaxing on a rock, or in my boat.

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