Improving efficiency in the cleaning sector with GPS technology

The cleaning industry is a competitive arena and staying ahead of the competitors means being aware of cleaning trends at all times. Whether you are an owner of a commercial or industrial cleaning company, or running a residential business, it may be the right time to consider adapting technology that will give you an advantage.

The cleaning industry is very competitive and the demand to work efficiently is crucial. Tracking with GPS location is an indispensable tool for companies in this sector. Let us tell you why.

Tracking your team, time and tools

You can easily view the whereabouts of your employees throughout the day, as well as the projects they spend time on. Our real-time digital map will show the exact position and address of your company vehicles making your team more adaptive for upcoming tasks.

You will be able to notify your client that your team is running late because of a traffic jam, or even better, 
as a manager you can guide your team to avoid traffic and always be on time. The maps will give you a great overview and awareness of the driving patterns and routes of your fleet that will save you both time and money. 

Finnish cleaning company saves 17 000 € with ABAX

The Finnish company Koti Puhtaaki in Tampere saves 17 000 Euro on fleet management annually  knowing the exact location of the company vehicles and where they need to be at any time. In addition to work more efficiently, the company has made significant financial savings.

Business owner Henri Haho knows the vehicles whereabouts and where they are needed the most, with just one click. Vehicle tracking facilitates administrative and operational work saving company Koti Puhtaaki a lot of money. Tracking is also looking after your employees, Koti Puhtaakis was announced as winner of an award  being “the best place to work in Finland” in 2018.

No more trips without a driver 

Do your employees share the company vehicles as they do at Koti Puhtaaki? ABAX Driver ID simplifies your management by letting the employees log on with RFID card or a supplied driver tag from us. This is to connect the driver responsible with the vehicle, creating a trip report that contains all the information you need for both legislation compliance and correct invoicing.   

Keep track of your machines

Are you cleaning large public areas and have expensive equipment and machines in your business? The use of telematics will help you keep track and add extra precautions for the safety of your drivers whilst preventing theft of expensive equipment.

We have multiple sets of hardware to improve your equipment control, ensuring we can tailor our system to fit your business.  Whether you have a handheld floor buffer or a rider we have the tracker that will suit the equipment or machine.


- Real time tracking equipment and machines 
-  Accurate usage log and advanced reports

EQ S and EQ L:

- Self-powered unit for non-electrical tools. 


- Track any tool or gadget, very discreet

Different ways to gain Equipment Control 

Our hardware has strong high quality GPS signals ensuring you can track your units whenever needed with accurate coordinates. As the administrator you can monitor usage, plan for maintenance and set a geofence receiving notifications if any of your units cross the geographical zone you defined.

Set an area with a geofence

Get access to great reports 

  • Usage report: Usage start and stop time with accurate address.
  • Notification report:  Overview of all the notifications on the equipment.
  • Time in area report: Hours the equipment has been in a set Geo-fenced area.
  • Servicing report: servicing information and upcoming events for your equipment. 

Plan and decrease all maintenance costs  

Servicing costs can be expensive and the timing is often inconvenient for both company vehicles and machines. Schedule the best suitable service intervals, monitor mileage and gain control over your servicing. The output will improve the safety among your drivers, and lower the company operating costs.   

ABAX usage log

 Green business

ABAX is working to become CO2 neutral by 2022.  Our services help our customers to become more environmentally friendly. Idling time and costs along with CO2 Emissions are some of our appealing widgets that you have access to as an administrator. Implementing a green provider ABAX as part of your service might be one of your unique selling points in a competitive industry. 

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