Improved driving behaviour

Improved driver behaviour in telematics and business profitability link

Driving Behaviour is not new to ABAX, but we have taken the driving monitoring service to the next level in order to lower your fleet expenses. Do you already have Vehicle tracking installed in your company vehicles? If so, then it is quick to get started and easy to see that careful driving is profitable for the company, making results on the bottom line. 

In short: 

Driving Behaviour gives you an overview of each driver’s driving style. Each driver is scored based on 5 key driving factors – acceleration, braking, harsh left and right cornering, and idling. The poorer the driving style, the lower the score, the more expensive your fleet costs to operate.  

What's new with Driving Behaviour? 

  • Idling 
  • Simpler scoring system from 0-100 
  • Total redesign of the admin view 
  • Quick overview of the driving patterns on your dashboard 
  • Driver app with driving tips on how they can improve their driving 

This is how Driving Behaviour works 

Key information from driving patterns is logged and displayed in our digital map integrated with Google. During a trip, if a driver brakes harshly or turns sharply, your ABAX unit will track the incident, and a warning triangle will appear in the map and you, as an admin, can see exactly where it happened.

For companies with a lot of drivers, the use of traffic data will help support conversations with your employees. But this conversation should not come as a surprise for your drivers – with our new app they now have access to the same insights as you.  

Why should you subscribe to ABAX Driving Behaviour?

Save time and money in day-to-day operations 

How can I save money by buying a service? Driving Behaviour is designed to ensure financial and safe driving among all your employees. In short, this means that if your employees' driving improves, there will be less wear and tear on the car, lower fuel costs and fewer incidents - so you reduce vehicle downtime and avoid lost revenue. 

ABAX driving emissions
ABAX idling time report

Expenses double for vehicles that are unexpectedly in the garage 

Have you thought about the fact that if your vehicle needs servicing after an unexpected event, the garage may not have the opportunity to take the vehicle in immediately? The result might be one vehicle out of use for up to 2 weeks? You will probably get a courtesy vehicle to cover your needs to reach the customers. 

What benefits do you gain as an admin? 

  • Save money on fuel, servicing and insurance 
  • Reduce the risk of accidents 
  • Less unexpected expenses for your car park 
  • All driving data gathered in one place 
  • Performs analyses and reports at a detailed level 
  • A safer and greener fleet 
  • See where an event occurs live and assist 

What is a good or bad score? 

The driver's score is calculated after every business trip and creates a score between 0-100. The calculation is made according to the amount of rapid accelerations, harsh braking, sharp turns and excessive idling. The poorer the driver, the worse the score. 
The drivers will see the picture 

Now that the drivers are provided with the same data as you, a poor score is a good starting point for a conversation around the employee's driving. In addition, you can discuss with them that reckless driving harms the business reputation (link to branding article), which in turn has an impact on your profits. Or, who knows, maybe you could be pleasantly surprised by the company's driving skills. 
Are your employees competitive?  

With our driving behaviour, it is easy to see who has the best driving skills or who is the worst idler among your drivers. We want to encourage your drivers to become better drivers, and with the right mindset and tips. By running an internal competition, you can help your business run more profitably with the help of your employees. 

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