Keyless entry cars

How to protect keyless entry cars

Keyless car thefts are on the increase in the UK, with new cars being able to be broken into in less than 10 seconds (BBC News). Does your vehicle have keyless entry? Are you worried that your vehicle isn’t safe? We’ve put together some tips on how to protect keyless entry cars.  

What is keyless car theft?  

Keyless car theft or otherwise known as Relay theft, involves the signal from a key being able to be picked up by somebody with an electronic signal relay device. This usually happens outside someone’s house, while their car keys are in the building.  

How far do thieves need to be from my car keys? 

Thieves only need to be within a few metres from the vehicle’s keys to capture the signal of the key, in order to be able to access the vehicle.  

How do I know if my car is keyless entry? 

If you are able to unlock your car by resting your thumb on the car door, while your car key is in your pocket, then your car is keyless entry. 

If you have to use your car key to unlock your vehicle, then your car is not at risk from this.  

6 Tips to Protect Keyless Entry Cars 

  1. Keep your car keys safe – keep them away from doors and windows and purchase a signal blocking pouch to protect your keys.
  2. Remember to keep your second key safe also.
  3. Think about where you park your vehicle – park as close to your house as possible to limit access or ideally park your vehicle in a garage, so that the thieves are unable to see your vehicle, and to make it harder to access the vehicle.
  4. Check your vehicle’s user manual to see if you are able to turn the key off when you do not need to use it, such as throughout the night.  
  5. Buy a steering wheel lock as a deterrent 
  6. Install a GPS tracker to your vehicle – so you are able to see the location of it, if the unfortunate event of theft happens  

By following the above tips you should minimise the chances of keyless car theft, and protect your vehicle.