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How to improve your Fleet Management

Do you have more than 5 company cars and vans to manage, and are considering buying or selling one of your vehicles to improve business efficiency? You might find that some of your cars and vans are parked unused in your parking area. Learn how to calculate vehicle utilisation rates to help you make better fleet management decisions.

What are Vehicle Utilisation Rates?

Vehicle Utilisation Rates are important for all fleet managers because they tell you how much your company car or van is on the road versus parked and unused. This is important to understand because vehicles that are not on the road, are costing you a great amount of money. Unused vehicles still require maintenance and servicing while active vehicles bring in revenue to offset these costs. When fleet managers have multiple vehicles, it takes a great number of hours to manage them manually.

Sharing company cars and vans

It is becoming increasingly popular to share cars and vans among employees in order to improve Vehicle Utilisation Rates. This means that employees have access to any available car or van in order to complete their job, often resulting in fewer vehicles in your company fleet. Still, some vehicles are favoured over others, leaving them under-utilised.

How do fleet managers gain better control over and improve the efficiency of their vehicles?

Vehicle management solution

To understand your fleet even better, a vehicle management solution becomes vital, and you should look for a solution that is more than a simple GPS location tracker. Find a solution that can connect all your vehicles on 1 single platform such as the Vehicle Tracking solution offered by ABAX. With such a solution you can, among many others, have a complete overview of how much your vehicles are being used. Find out which vehicles are driven infrequently, which may spur you to sell and free up valuable capital. Find out which vehicles are used the most and understand the cars or vans that are required the most by your employees.

Optimise your fleet in real time

In order to optimise your fleet’s performance, you should monitor multiple factors that affect operation, such as Vehicle Utilization Rates. For shared vehicles and vans many managers utilize RFID scanners to monitor and control which employees have driven which vehicles. Further understand how your vehicles are being driven by your employees with driving behavior scores or gain insight into how long site jobs take to be completed with trip stop reports.

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