Home delivery with GPS

How to improve your deliveries with GPS

In ABAX our products are constantly being used by new industries, and we have identified that  home delivery is a growing business. If you deliver goods to the door, whether it is flowers or food, it is important to have the best logistics in place, not only loading the goods, a flow in the delivery is also important when it comes to cost savings. 

There is a lot to save on optimising the routes

With strong GPS signals from the vehicle, you’ll get accurate information on how your business is behaving during delivery, data that can be used for status of the goods to the customer. In retrospect, a fleet administrator can log in to see the trips the vehicles has made, and by selecting a given trip you can see which route the driver chose. Maybe it is profitable to drive another route next time?

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Always a step ahead with live maps

When your drivers are on the road, it is important that their driving behaviour is safe and that they pick the best route. ABAX live map, you will see all vehicles and equipment, that have this feature, in Google Maps.  
The colour of the vehicle icon ensures you as a fleet owner have complete control at all time, Green is good because it means your vehicle is on the road, red means stopped and yellow means that your driver is now idling, based on these colours you can take immediate actions if needed. The label tag shows whether the driver has set himself as available or busy to receive an incoming task, you can see which driver is nearby by looking up the address in the search box, you will then get a list of the five closest vehicles and their distance from the address.  

Helping your employees during traffic

By selecting "Show Traffic" the map view will show the traffic flow in the area. Red lines indicate complete stop, yellow ones queue and green lines indicate a flow in traffic. In addition, there is a feature that provides a recommended route, where you can guide your drivers safely through traffic for more efficient driving and faster delivery to the customer.

ABAX Driving Behaviour will provide you with a great insight on how all company drivers behave when driving vehicles daily. Data from the Triplog makes it possible for you to monitor how your drivers behave in traffic with key elements such as idling, acceleration, braking and powerful turns that will contribute to reducing points from the optimal score. Remember, with branded vehicles it can be costly to be associated with bad driving skills.

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Order Driving Behaviour

We make it easy to see who's behind the wheel

Do you have multiple drivers who use the company vehicles, or temporary drivers? 

Do you spend a lot of time finding the responsible driver according to tickets?

We have many services that will make it easier to manage a fleet with multiple drivers.

ABAX Driver ID

ABAX Driver ID allows you as the administrator to see which driver is logged into which vehicle at all times. The drivers log on easily into the car by using the App or our RFID reader mounted in the car with their ID tag or card. You can see their status in real time, along with being able to see trips retrospectively.

Driver ID makes it easy to monitor fleet trends for example: which drivers have higher costs for wear and tear on vehicles in comparison to other company drivers. The driver gets his own login, where he will be able to see his own trips, and with driving behaviour his own driving performance will pop up with suggestions on how to improve.

Tips that simplify your days at work

  • Regular  message to all drivers? Send SMS through the system.
  • Search for available drivers
  • Driver accountability
  • Provides trip data for HMRC Compliance
  • Details of the trips: Start and stop address, purpose, any extra expenses

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