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How to grow your plumbing and heating business

Telematics has changed the way a lot of industries work, and the plumbing and heating industry is no exception. Did you know that ABAX can help you increase outgoing invoices and improve savings and efficiency?

In the plumbing Industry, it is interesting to see how telematics can transform a business into delivering customer satisfaction and maximise efficiency. Are you aware of all the ways we can help you manage your plumbing business with the data provided from vehicles, machinery and tools? 

Cut Costs

The ABAX solution will help you get an overview of all costs that relate to the fleet and machinery from the palm of your hand. 

Cuts cost on:

  • Fuel
  • Maintenance
  • Insurance
  • Working hours

Rapid customer service

As a plumber you probably get emergency calls from customers experiencing flooding, as well as others who need instant help. With the ABAX solution plumbing and heating companies can respond to emergency callouts quicker, ensuring great customer service. 

If your company covers a large geographical area, it can be hard to track drivers manually when trying to respond quickly. With easy access to data you can quickly locate drivers and identify which employee is closest to the customers address. Did you know we have a great admin app? Download today and you will be able to pinpoint your plumbers from your mobile phone as well. 

Kill a rumour

Plumbers as well as other service workers have a reputation of running late and not arriving at the set appointment. For clients who have busy schedules punctuality is extremely important, telematics will help you.

The integrated Google maps will help your employees avoid traffic jams and you will be able to manage the working days more efficiently. If anyone in the team is running late you can let your customer know the new arrival time.

  • Rapid response
  • Avoid traffic jams
  • SMS-service 
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Improve job scheduling

The ABAX unit will track the hours your employee has been at the customer address. The data can be hugely important if handling a customer complaint about the hours invoiced at the job. Did you know you can see if your employees vehicles are idling?

How long are the trips? Do your employees spend too much time behind the wheel? Maybe you should reschedule the tasks for your business to work more efficiently? 

Driving Behaviour is a big deal

The driving behaviour service is important for plumbers for multiple reasons. Poor driving behaviour affects the safety of your employees as well as other drivers on the road, this behaviour can also have an impact your fuel cost. Have you ever thought about branded vehicles not always leaving a good impression of your company? Who would you book for plumbing? The company with dented vehicles who drive inconsiderately or the competitor who is considerate in traffic? 



  • Less idling, lower fuel cost
  • Less maintenance
  • Takes care of your brand

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