ABAX Triplog in use

How To Fool A Vehicle Tracking Device

The days of ‘fooling’ GPS tracking devices are over! Tin foil and £50 notes were the easiest ways to deflect signals and pay off shady engineers. Technology has developed year on year and there is less room for fraudsters to play the system.

Are there ways around a system? Of course! But they tend to involve the need to completely annihilate it. Tin foil wrapped around an antenna just doesn’t cut it!

Why Is ABAX Different And More Difficult To Fool?

Surely as a self installable system, it is easier for a disgruntled employee to tamper with the device? Not really – like all GPS devices, ABAX needs a power source from the vehicle. Like all Fleet Management Systems, it needs to communicate via GSM and GPS. No matter how complex or simple the product, remove or lay waste to one of these platforms and the system is down.

With ABAX we do not install a system into a vehicle to track employees. We design and sell our products to assist and protect employees. If we can overcome the disgruntled employee’s ‘disgruntedness’, we have an employee who is more willing to work with, not against the system. ABAX has always designed and sold products on the basis of protecting businesses and employees from hefty tax fines. It is not just the product that does this, it requires education too. The employee and business must understand why such a system is being implemented. To involve employees in this decision making process when selecting a Fleet Management System, gives them some ownership and the feeling of empowerment.

ABAX has always designed and sold products on the basis of protecting businesses and employees from hefty tax fines.

What If My Employees Don't Want A Vehicle Tracker?

Let’s say that there is a reason that they do not want to be ‘tracked’ – their terminology, not mine! What can they do? Well – they have the 2 options that were mentioned earlier. Remove the power or establish a way of interrupting the communication. Either way, the ABAX system will alert the system administrator. Having a device with an internal battery allows for the recording of trips even in the event of no input voltage. As far as interrupting the communications go, there are some black market tools available to do this. However, many other applications use GSM and GPS to communicate – like your mobile phone.

We only have a handful of cases whereby drivers have gone above and beyond to make sure that their Fleet Management product does not function correctly. They are very easy for our expert team to spot.

Sometimes it is harder to outsmart something simple!