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How To Become A Transport Manager

We’ve put together some useful information that you might want to know with regards to becoming a transport manager and the experience and responsibilities that come with this role.

What experience is needed to become a Transport Manager?

-    Good communication skills and the ability to build relationships with people internally and externally 
-    A multi-tasking personality with the ability to juggle multiple tasks 
-    An eye for detail

Transport Manager responsibilities:

-    Ensuring driver training is undertaken 
-    Create a safe driving culture for employees
-    Maintaining vehicle inspection – repairs, servicing and maintenance
-    Vehicle administration – purchasing vehicles and managing the running costs 
-    Vehicle safety 
-    Ensuring compliance with regulations and laws 

Transport Manager qualifications:

If you want to become a transport manager, a fleet operator Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) qualification is required. It is not required for the personal undertaking the CPC qualification to have a driving license themselves. This qualification only has to be undertaken once, and lasts a lifetime. It also does not have to be renewed. 

Technologies that Transport Managers should use:

Transport managers should use technologies such as telematics in their daily work. Telematics is much more than vehicle tracking. It not only provides vehicle location, but it also enables them to be notified when servicing and maintenance of vehicles is needed, as well as monitoring the driving behaviour of their employees. Having a policy in place for employees, will reduce the likelihood of accidents in company vehicles and ensure safer driving.

Telematics systems also provide transport managers insight into how to increase the efficiencies of their fleet, increase control and reduce risk. 

Does every company require a Transport Manager?

Legally, businesses that have a fleet of more than 50 vehicles requires more than one person to undertake the work, however they do not all need to have the CPC qualification under their belt. 

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