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How is ABAX data transforming industries?

Rather than a by-product of business activity, data is an asset – the lifeblood of a modern, successful business. We live in an age of innovation, and the technology at our fingertips is becoming smarter. It's no secret that data gives companies a competitive edge. With the number of data sources increasing, it's only those that leverage each source to its full potential that will stay ahead of the curve.

To further put this in perspective, previous research by the International Institute for Analytics found that by 2020, businesses that use big data would see a $430 billion in productivity benefits over competitors that don’t use data. Reports from Mckinsey also found that high-performing organisations are 30% more like to say that data and analytics have contributed at least 20% to earnings before interest and tax. 

Our data is too helping to revolutionise our client's businesses and the industry in which they reside.

By reaping the benefits of big data powered by innovative telematics technology, our clients can streamline business processes, offer an enhanced customer experience, drive profitability and improve employee retention, delivering tangible results.

The difference we have is agility and versatility: our in-house development team build custom integrations to ensure our technology is feeding into the systems, software and reports where they can make a real difference.

Data strategies are critical

Data, such as that provided by ABAX should be part of a robust data and analytics strategy, used to inform decision making and used with technology to streamline your business, making it more slick, efficient and automated.

The partnerships that we build with our clients, many of whom are household names, are transforming their business, providing easy access to valuable data that sees them finetune their service offering or even remodel it based on what the data reveals. 
Your data strategy should be an essential component of your business. It should encompass all of the opportunities a company has to capture, share, analyse, leverage and store business data. Collaboration is critical here. There is little point in teams accessing data via separate applications – yes, data needs to be analysed. 

Still, it needs to be looked at with fresh eyes and perspective, letting it shape various departments' processes and activity via a central objective. Approaching it like this reduces the inconsistencies and helps you align business logic, activities and goals.

By developing a data strategy, you develop common practices across a business focused on addressing a shared project or organisational need.

Once our data is fed into a robust data strategy, its value will quickly become apparent in the short and long term.

Real-time and past action analytics

Personalised, on-demand experiences for employees, customers and third parties are fast becoming the expectation. Gartner has previously predicted that there will be a 30% growth in spending in real-time analytics to accommodate the activity and resources required to meet this expectation.

By utilising ABAX data that captures past action and real-time behaviour, you can make changes in various areas of your business.

Risks associated with commercial fleets & individual driver behaviour

We are working with commercial insurance companies to provide unique billing and claims processes based on driver behaviour and the associated risks.

Our technology is providing data that gives full insight into the risks associated with fleets. This means drivers can be rewarded with bespoke premiums based on individual driver behaviour, while vehicle downtime can also be avoided.

Our ongoing partnership with Zego Insurance is empowering them to automatically and accurately collect mileage from their fleets and has become the foundation of their offering.

Ensuring leasing agreements are being adhered to

By gaining full transparency, you also gain full control and enable risk to be reduced. Our data gives customers peace of mind regarding the location of vehicles and assets, ensuring they are being used for intended purposes, saving money on misuse and downtime.

Vehicle, plant and tool location & asset tracking

We work with rental and leasing companies who rely on our data to ensure lease agreements are being adhered too. By having visibility over fleets and multiple pieces of plant and power tools, companies can gain full control and avoid downtime.

Improving brand perception

Through accurately monitoring driver behaviour through data, you can have peace of mind that your drivers are not compromising your reputation when using branded vehicles. Full transparency over vehicle location means that you can provide accurate data and an enhanced customer experience.

Our customers have found that through incentivising good driving, they can expect cost efficiencies, increased uptime and reduced environmental impact through CO2 emissions.

Workforce working hours

Our partnership with Hitachi Construction Machinery Europe has seen ABAX technology connect the latest Zaxis-6 range of mini excavators.

Our technology is being used to track and monitor the working hours and location of machinery, and therefore - the workforce. This data can be easily viewed on smartphone, tablets or desktop computers.

Vehicle mileage capture

Through real-time tracking, our accurate HMRC compliant data is widely used for mileage claims, tracking HMRC AFR thresholds through our Auto rate feature, and creating efficient business processes by reducing the need for billable hours to be spent on mileage paperwork and manual admin.

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