Reduce fuel costs

How can you reduce fuel costs?

Did you know that the ABAX Triplog system records useful driving data that can lead to large savings on your fleet? With ABAX hardware installed in your vehicle, it is easy to reduce the company’s fuel costs in addition to avoiding a big tax penalty from the authorities. 

Savings of up to 15%
Having a vehicle tracking system could save your business significant amounts of money each year. Not only will you avoid a big tax penalty, but you will get a full overview of your fleet of vehicles, making it easier to administer. Our scheduled reports can be sent straight to your inbox, providing useful insights and data to run your vehicles in a more efficient way. This results in reduced fuel costs and less wear and tear on vehicles. 

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Increase profitability with driving data  

How your vehicles are driven is important to your businesses results and profitability. Not only could the driving itself lead to good or bad publicity for your business, but the driver’s flow in traffic also plays an important role in fuel consumption. By using the Driving Behaviour feature, you will be able to see how your drivers behave in traffic. 

Interface Driving Behaviour

You will also get a full overview of what is happening on the road. The report provides useful information about frequent incidents of harsh braking and sharp cornering, which can be costly in terms of wear-and-tear on the vehicle and increases the likelihood of accidents. Did you know that you can save around £26 per vehicle, per month by using this feature alone? There are lots of savings to be made here! 

We now record vehicles when idling 
A new addition to Driving Behaviour is idling. Unnecessary idling is very common in the building and construction sector – especially in the winter months. What better way to stay warm at lunch on a cold day that sit in a running van with the heating on full blast? With idling using 4 litres of fuel per hour, you are quite literally burning money.  

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