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How can ABAX help your company during difficult times?

There are many companies who may need to change routines because of the COVID-19 virus. We want to help our customers during this period, so here's some tips on how you can easily get control of your fleet and save money

8 tips that might help your business during extreme conditions such as the COVID-19 virus: 

1. Are you working from home and not in the office? 

Download our latest Admin app and get a full overview of the company cars right from your phone. 

2. Our Driver has changed routes or are they bringing company cars home? 

Ensure you have an overview by using the right widgets and our ABAX periodic reports outside working hours which can go straight to your email. This report will give you a good overview on the number of private trips your vehicles are making. Some company vehicles can't be used privately, so this report will be really useful.  

3. Different types of travel?  

Not sure which trips count as private and which ones are business trips? In our overview you get full control on the different types of trips.  

4. Do you have drivers sharing cars? 

Worried about spreading Covid-19? With our service ABAX Driver-ID you can easily see which drivers have driven the different cars, valuable information if one of your drivers sadly gets Covid-19. 

5. Extra time at home? Explore all the possibilities 

Ensure you take advantage of all the features of our system. If you don't know how your business can be more efficient with ABAX book a virtual meeting and we will make sure you get the most out of the service. 

6. Need to contact your employees via Text Message? 

Through our system you can easily send a text message to all your employees which will keep them updated with your latest information

7. Extra stressed these days? Get the reports directly in your mail 

In a difficult and stressful workday, it can be helpful to worry less about the driving documentation. You can set up automatic reports so you get everything you need straight into your inbox, that way you don’t miss important data and can focus on something else. 

8. Make it easier for the drivers 

With our updated Driver app, drivers can easily manage the driving record on the way. Add purpose to the trip directly to the app. 

ABAX is a technology company and has many fully automated solutions that allow you as a customer to access what you need easily. Our system is cloud based and you have access to everything wherever you are. We are available to help you any time with 24-hour customer support. 

We at ABAX are as concerned about the COVID-19 virus as you are and have taken serious steps to help reduce the spread. Read more about it here.

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