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How accurate is GPS tracking?

A frequent question when it comes to researching and purchasing GPS vehicle tracking is how accurate is the GPS system? How precise is GPS? Let us tell you more!

What is GPS Tracking?

GPS tracking devices connect to the Global Positioning System and communicate via signals. Multiple things can be tracked via GPS, such as: people, vehicles, airplanes and plant equipment. The accuracy of GPS tracking is very important. Therefore if the signal is affected and the accuracy isn’t a hundred percent, it can have consequences. 

The accuracy of GPS can be affected by multiple things: 
•    Being covered by metal 
•    The weather 
•    Being in a remote area 
•    Time of the day - due to the satellite changing position - they orbit around the globe

What is Assisted GPS (A-GPS)?

A-GPS is a web-based service that significantly improves the performance of a satellite positioning system. It tells your device exactly which satellites are available in which location. 

Through a data connection, the mobile receiver will contact the server and receive support data only for those visible satellites for that receiver. This will allow you to determine your position in less than 6 seconds. This in turn reduces the time to get a good signal from 1 minute to 6 seconds.

GPS Tracking for Businesses

Small, medium and large businesses implement tracking systems onto their assets in order to gain more control, increase efficiencies and reduce risk.

Vehicle Tracking Systems

For a business, being able to monitor the whereabouts of their vehicles is important. Transport Managers are able to see the location of their fleet on a live map, to be able to make informed decisions. Such as: who is closest to a delivery drop and where the traffic is in order to take a different route. Therefore, if the GPS trackers are not 100% accurate in real time, the business could be in trouble with a lack of control over their vehicles and employees.

On top of vehicle tracking, companies can invest in Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) readers in order to be in control of who was driving the vehicle, in case of a speeding ticket or mileage records for the tax authorities.  

Plant and Equipment tracking

Being able to track plant and equipment is effective for businesses with regards to knowing when the assets require servicing and maintenance rather than having to remember off the top of your head when exactly it is. GPS tracking also enables businesses to see the exact amount of usage the assets have in order to ensure accurate invoicing.

Tool tracking

In addition, tracking tools is effective for businesses in case they have lost or misplaced their tools. It is also effective for inventory, to see where each tool is.


ABAX GPS technology combined with GSM gives you the strongest signals in the industry. The ABAX GPS technology will at all times, handle two GNSS systems. ABAX use the two strongest systems that give the best signal in your location. Very often, the GPS and GLONASS are the best ones but also ABAX can use the European Galileo when this is fully ready. ABAX even have custom made steel cages to protect the Plant tracking hardware in harsh weather conditions, without compromising the GPS signal. 

ABAX’s roaming sim card ensures 100% accuracy, connecting to 7 sim card providers. If the signal drops in a remote area for example, the tracker will continue to be connected. This means trips will continue to be recorded and the vehicle will still be seen on the live map. 

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