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5 Benefits Of GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems

Are you aware of where your fleet is at all times? Do you want to improve productivity, work more efficiently and ultimately ensure your drivers are happy when out on the road? With a business vehicle tracking system, you can. At ABAX, we specialise in the tracking of vehicles and equipment and here we’ve broken down the benefits of using this innovative tech.

The Benefits Of Vehicle Tracking

  1. More efficient planning - You can redirect drivers ahead of traffic, find more efficient routes and not lose time if a driver is tied up, but another is available in the area.

  2. Better driver behaviour and productivity - Drivers being monitored will likely improve their behaviour, reducing the speed they drive at and taking less downtime between jobs. This can also extend the vehicle’s lifespan and reduce the need for minor repairs, as it is handled with care.

  3. Improved mileage calculations - HMRC calculations are always accurate, as your tracking system does all the hard work for you and monitors mileage before calculating the exact amount you can claim.

  4. Protection from vehicle theft - You can track where your vehicle is and alert the authorities.

  5. Reduced costs - Improved efficiency means less fuel consumption and even an improved rate of client retention, as jobs are completed on time.

Sound good? Let’s take a look at these benefits in more detail.

Efficient Planning

Businesses thrive on efficiency, and installing a vehicle tracking device can bring order to your fleet’s everyday tasks. You can analyse data to ensure drivers are using the most efficient routes when travelling to jobs and plan an alternative quickly if a driver hits traffic or is unable to reach a location.

With a real-time GPS vehicle tracker, you can contact drivers nearby and have them handle a job, to ensure clients aren’t left waiting and your business reputation is preserved. Plus, because your vehicle tracking system logs everything and compiles the data for you, there is less paperwork, so your time is used more efficiently in the long run.  


Improved Driving Behaviour

When drivers know that they are being monitored, it’s unlikely you’ll witness any detours or unnecessary stop offs, while they’re on route to their next job. They’re also less likely to take breaks outside of their agreed hours. Their driving itself will also improve, being monitored does have a positive effect and encourages people to behave appropriately. According to research by RoSPA, studies have found that accident rates can reduce by up to 20% when a GPS device is fitted.

All of this leads to improved productivity, you could be amazed by how many more jobs your drivers get through as soon as monitoring equipment is introduced. Use the Spot Search feature on an ABAX tracking system and you’ll be able to see a full history of exactly where drivers have been and when, this can also help with customer queries regarding work that has been carried out.

This type of tracking can also improve driver safety, those monitoring the fleet can perhaps spot any erratic behaviour or stopping off regularly and check up on drivers to ensure they are well. This protects not only those behind the wheel but the business itself.

Find out more about Driving Behaviour

Driving Behaviour


Mileage Calculations Are Accurate

As drivers whereabouts are tracked closely via vehicle GPS, you’ll enjoy accurate mileage records to use in your next HMRC mileage claim. This means there is less chance of incurring fees later if you or a driver miscalculated how much ground they had covered and you have all the data you need at your fingertips.

The mileage claim solution from ABAX, for example, does all the hard work for you as it tracks the miles, compiles them and calculates the mileage rates for you - all you need to do is log this information in the right HMRC form. You can even log your records for up to 7 years, in case of later HMRC inspections.

Mileage records on the app


Protection From Theft

A vehicle tracker installed into your vehicle means that in the unfortunate circumstance it is stolen, you can discover its location, like Norwich-based company, who recovered their vehicle from 150 miles away.

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You can locate your fleet in real-time and are able to share this information with the authorities, who can track the stolen business vehicle and either return it to you or even catch the culprits.

Vehicle tracking offers complete peace of mind and the tracking device itself is discreet, so thieves won’t even know it’s there. Take a look at our blog on how to reduce the risk of theft, here.


Savings And Increased Income Across The Business

With all of the above in tow, it’s likely you’ll see some savings across your fleet. For example, less unnecessary trips by drivers mean fewer fill-ups at the petrol station and improved mileage calculations result in accurate HMRC claims and no unexpected bill from the tax man later. Also, because you can reduce the number of idle vehicles in your fleet, you can get more jobs added to the task list - resulting in more money.

You could also see an improved rate of client retention, as drivers always arrive at jobs on time and efficient scheduling allows you to handle ad hoc requests, as well.


What To Consider Before Implementing A GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Before you implement and install a vehicle tracking system, it’s worth discussing with your employees what their thoughts are. They may agree with you when it comes to benefits or perhaps have other suggestions for how to better manage their time.

If you decide to go ahead with business vehicle tracking, ensure drivers are aware of this and if their vehicle is used both privately and for company purposes that real-time tracking is not carried out outside of business hours. Take a look at our guide on GPS vehicle tracking and law here, which is helpful when it comes to explaining some of the rules around business vehicle tracking and what to consider.

Whether you have a few company cars, a team of van drivers or send out a large fleet of vehicles, consider utilising this tech in your everyday business model to ensure your company’s fleet is running as efficiently as possible.