EQ Test In Ice

GPS Tracking At Sub-Zero Temperatures

We decided to put the ABAX Equipment Control unit to a test, in extremely low temperatures. Our Product Manager completely froze the GPS tracking device to see if it is still operational afterwards.

We recently conducted a test to see how waterproof and reliable the ABAX Equipment Control is . We wanted to see if it works in extreme weather conditions.

Test results:

The result of the experiment is a fully functional GPS / GSM device, in which you can monitor your machinery, both those with their own power supply, as well as equipment without a power supply.

Bjørn André Hagen, Product Manager at ABAX said: "A positive test result is not a surprise for us. GPS monitoring from ABAX is fully compliant with the IP67 tightness certificate that all ABAX devices have. The priority of our company is to produce and deliver the highest quality products that will serve customers for many years."