New ABAX Dashboard

Get more insight into your business – at a glance

With an interactive dashboard it has now become easier to get an overall look at your business and see where you can become more efficient.

With this Dashboard we are giving you deeper insight into your business with easier access to the information you need to make smart business decisions.

Our dashboard makes it easier for you to manage your fleet by giving you a complete overview of your trips, mileage claim, tax compliance, latest reports and much more on one single screen.

This will give you complete control and improved efficiency. Who doesn’t want that?

Save time and become more efficient

Managing a fleet with many vehicles comes with issues related to admin and control. It’s often the case that your administration hours take a back seat to your work in the field. The dashboard has been designed so that it saves you time and makes following up on admin tasks easier.

Multiple widgets will provide you with a constant overview of your business. They help you understand your vehicle utilization and carbon emissions, make it easy to access reports, and ensure you are up to date with all fleet related information as soon as you log into the interface.

Easy to make your own layout

Your workday is even easier when you customize the dashboard to fit your needs. You no longer need to know what to click and what reports to setup. You can simply remove, add and reorder the widgets to suit your daily business routines. As you log in, you can see what areas of your vehicles and assets need attention because each widget highlights the status of that task. Simply click into a widget to complete the task, such as adding a driver to a ‘Trip without Driver’.

The result is faster decision making because it is easier for you to identify points of concern and take action. This will save you a lot of time making you far more efficient every day.

Widgets with a purpose

New ABAX Widgets

Some other valuable widgets, will provide great business insight and help you understand the fleet’s performance and assess trends:

  • Trips this year: Cost perspective that equates to fuel usage, looking at the split between private and business trips, how you calculate your tax and an overview on your taxes so far this year.
  • Total mileage: Overview on your total mileage, which is important to use for leasing, warranty, maintenance allocation etc.
  • Trip last year: Compare your trips against a previous period to assess trends in your business.
  • Last 30 days: Overview of accumulated business trip versus private trips per day. Ensuring easy monitoring of private vehicle usage.

Become more efficient by making the right choices at the right time. Create your tailored dashboard suited to your specific business needs.

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