Geofence gives you valuable insight into your fleet

Geofence has been available in the market for a number of years, but has mainly been used for machinery and equipment. But did you know that the car fleet also benefits greatly from geofence?

With geofence, you will get a whole new insight into how your fleet is operated that can help you plan better, increase efficiency, invoice more and you get more satisfied customers!

Geofence provides answers to many questions a business manager has:

  •     How many miles did we drive on the contract? 
  •     Was the job profitable on the bottom line?  
  •     How can we simplify the invoicing basis for mileage?
  •     How can we get more satisfied customers?  
  •     Are we inefficient and frequently visit suppliers or warehouses?  

These are just some of the questions that can be easily answered by using Geofence for the car fleet.

Geofence created for your projects

The vast majority of trades people work on a project basis, ranging from days to months and years. No matter how big or small the project is, it will often be difficult to include all the costs of the project.

In fact, it can often be more difficult for smaller companies to keep track of many short projects running at the same time, which makes it confusing.

If you create a geofence area around an ongoing project, you will easily be able to run a report that shows how many trips and miles were driven to and from the project. If you then enter a mileage rate, you will get a clear cost picture of what the mileage cost actually was for the project.


You can easily get relevant reports

Reports, such as the invoice basis above, do not only apply to those who have a construction project. Others will also benefit greatly from this information, such as service agreements, for example. A geofence zone around each location gives you a full overview of which service agreements are most profitable.

The reports can also be exported and used as an invoice basis for both invoicing per trip and per project / assignment. It provides both an accurate invoice and satisfied customers who know what they are paying for.

Construction business owners are dependent on some internal logistics during the day. Materials and equipment must be transported between sites and from warehouses and suppliers. A lot of intralogistics is a clear indication of poor planning. By using Geofence around warehouses and suppliers, you get a quick overview of how much internal logistics you actually have and whether it is actually necessary or not.

For logistics companies, a Geofence can be used to notify that the delivery is approaching. Create an area around a passing waypoint and let the system notify you when you pass the area. 

Geofence for machines 

In addition to geofence functionality for vehicles, this is of course also available for machines, tools, and equipment. With Geofence, you always have full control over how much equipment you have at the different addresses, how long they have been there, when they arrived when they left, and how much they have been used.

And if you receive an unwanted visit at night, the ABAX Geofence system can notify you so you can respond to theft immediately. 

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