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Geofence = Electronic fence

Will your equipment be unattended during the week or the holidays? By setting up a geofence the management of equipment will be much easier, including when you are away. This is how it works.

With ABAX geofence you will be able to check the status of all of your equipment and tools even if you are away. Our customers can create a geographical area for where the assets are allowed to be moved, beyond that area a notice will be sent to the manager.

 What is a geofence?

The geofence is an electronic fence that you can create in the map. The geofence technology will notify you when tools, equipment or machines with our hardware installed leaves the predefined area. The equipment control will report the GPS - coordinates from the units location, if the coordinates do not match the "electronic fence" defined, you will be notified by mail or SMS.

Geofence areas allow you to create virtual fences/areas that overlay the map. This area is given a name and can then be used to help gain control of all equipment, all kinds of machines and equipment with an ABAX Equipment control unit installed can be used in reporting features or help protect your equipment in the case of theft.

Geofence is an electronic fence to improve your equipment control


Tailored to your needs

Like real fences the digital geofence may have several sizes. You define what area you need to control, for example, a house, the plant or the whole district. The technology will help you gain control over what equipment and tools are entering and leaving the pre-set area with real time GPS signals.
You will be notified when your equipment or tools are on the move, making it less likely to lose assets from a plant closed for public holidays, you will have complete control over all company equipment at all times.

Live assets in map

Did you know that you can see whenever a machine is in use or not? You simply log on an have all the information you need within the map. Your active machines will turn purple when they are operating. 

What can you see in the map interface?

  • The amount of minutes and hours of operation
  • Start and stop time


How to create an area?

  • Log on to
  • Choose GEO-fence area in the submenu of Equipment Control
  • Zoom into the map to the area you want to control
  • Click the turquoise “make a geofence area” – button
  • Drag your  fence to fit the areas of your needs
  • Name the area
  • Save
  •  Assign machines or equipment to the area 


Set up an area geofence
Set up an area geofence

Completed the project? This is how you delete a fence

A list of the areas created by the administrator is displayed in the top left of your interface. Choose the area you no longer require, and click the red delete-button.

Great reports will help management

We have multiple reports that will make it easier for you to manage all your assets, including reports to ensure you can invoice your customers the correct amount.  Equipment time in area report and Units  in area will ensure you have a great overview of the number of hours the equipment has been in your Geo-fenced area. 

Notification settings

Would you like to be notified when your equipment is on the move? In our interface you can set a notification to alert you when your assets are on the move. Choose if you prefer to get a message on SMS or email in the setting menu by clicking the type report you would like to be notified about.

UK interface geofence
Where to set up notifications for your geofence

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