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Gain control of your machinery with plant tracking

Lost or misplaced machines can be costly for your business. It is time consuming to search for the lost assets, to make new purchases, and the cost can be crucial for the economics of your business.

Most companies have been affected by the Corona virus financially and it is more important than ever to take measures that can save the company both time and money. ABAX Equipment Control is a service suitable for all types of machinery. We have solutions for all types of machinery and tools from large excavators to a small drill.

Manual routines versus telematics

Your business may have manual lists of the assets for the company, but that requires dedication and increases the risk of human error. A manual search can also be very time-consuming as there are often large geographical areas to be searched such as multiple construction sites or even different customers.

ABAX equipment control will end your search for equipment, there will be no more assumptions on its whereabouts with the help of specific device data. Not least, it is very useful to have a usage log for your maintenance or servicing due. The result is that you will avoid unpleasant surprises and a potential danger to your employees because of overdue maintenance.

10 minutes looking for equipment per day equals 43 hours annually!


Choose hardware according to your needs

We know that most machines are not the same, therefore we have made a variety of options for tracking your assets. With EQS, EQL you receive the same service, there is just a different battery size, there is also ABAX5 and ABAX MINI as well. 

Which hardware should you choose? Would you like control of various tools for the excavator or a compactor plate? We track all equipment with and without internal power source.

ABAX hardware
ABAX hardware


Is our second smallest unit with its 86x63x20mm - 130g with battery life of up to 2240 hours with 1 positioning per day.


ABAX EQL: 145x63x20mm - 230g with battery life of up to 4480 hours with 1 positioning per day.


This unit can be connected to both 12V and 24 volt systems, with our power saving technology there is minimum power consumption during tracking. To be exact, the hardware will need 50mA in active mode and only 1mA during snooze.


This cannot be used without contact with ABAX5, but is perfect for customers who already have an ABAX in their van and do not want to lose tools.

Interested in securing handheld tools? Read about ABAX MINI

How does it work?

Our GPS units are easy to install and small in size depending on your needs. Our device will communicate directly with our server, reporting back the geographic location of your assets. The location of your machine will appear in a Google map in your user interface on a computer or mobile.

  • High quality reliable GPS and GSM technology
  • Fast GPS signals with 1.2 m accuracy
  • GSM position based on distance to the nearest mast
  • Specifies the exact position based on signal strength
  • By using ABAX5, you will get hours of use at the construction site
  • Notifies you if your machine should be charged
  • Our hardware can last up to 6 years without changing the battery
  • Minimum power consumption (50 mA active / 1mA passive)

Different notifications

Wouldn't it be convenient to get a notification on your cell phone when the machine leaves the construction site or gets picked up from the van?

Our service, geofence, can be used if you have an ABAX5. In 60 seconds you will be notified that the device is on the move and you can take action. We have good examples of customers recovering their equipment with the help of local police shortly after the theft.

Stolen excavator recovered 5 miles away with GPS Plant Tracker

Schedule service and maintenance of your machines

Neglected maintenance can be expensive both in the loss of working hours and can become a great risk for your employees. With machines spread over large geographic areas, improved logistics can result in less trips back and forth to the workshop. Additionally, lack of servicing may invalidate the warranty resulting in potentially high costs that could have been avoided.

Choose the frequency of notifications and when you would like a reminder for your inbox. Enter the number of hours spent and you will be reminded which machines require replacement parts due to wear or if it is time to schedule a service.

Different mounting, pick and choose

We have different cases, choose which you prefer. The magnetic jacket is easy to attach onto the unit and snaps straight onto metal. Your asset is ready to be tracked in seconds. For the more expensive machines it may be worth looking at a solid steel cage. The cage is custom designed and we ensure that it will not interfere with the signals sent from the device, it will also ensure the device is prepared for rough conditions. The cage can be mounted with our one way tampering screws that will make it extra hard to demount

ABAX kalustonvalvontalaitteelle suunniteltu metallikehikko
Different types of mounting

What can you save?

As mentioned, searching for equipment can be time-consuming, it is time that could have been invoiced to the customer. Avoid unnecessary repairs or replacement of parts before time and keep staff safe by doing this when due.

Two independent studies have found the cost of a machine or tool loss. According to David Ogershock, National Construction Estimator, a lost unit will add an additional 14% extra on your labour costs. That amount is a staggering 2% (RSMeans Construction cost estimating 2004) of the total cost of the construction sector.

Compensation and exploration of lost equipment can be up to 14% of your total labour costs.

David Ogershock

Why Choose Equipment Control?

  • Lifetime warranty as standard on all our hardware.
  • High quality and certified units (TUV and ISO 27001)
  • Waterproof with IP67 approval
  • A system packed with reports 
  • Customized to your needs
  • Can be integrated with other systems with open API

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