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Equipment Protection For All Types Of Lifting Equipment

Do you sell or hire out expensive lifting equipment? Get full control of the usage of your lifts if you run a rental company, or the service intervals if you sell lifts, with ABAX Equipment Control.

Keeping control of the service intervals of your equipment, means that you can sell your lifts with service agreements that makes every deal worth more money. Our Norwegian customer NASTA sell all their excavators with a service agreement that both adds extra value to the deal and also makes retention higher. In addition, this also delivers extra value to the customer who can rely completely on their business partner with regards to service intervals.

Invoice actual usage

Of course when you are renting out a lift, you don’t want this to be used more than agreed upon. But how can you be certain that the customer keeps his or her part of the agreement? With ABAX Usage log, the system registers every minute that the lift is being used - the usage log activates when the ignition is turned on. As a result of this, you are able to invoice the correct amount based on the actual usage. It doesn’t matter if you deal with boom lifts, aerial lifts, scissor lifts or telescopic elevators – all of the usage is logged in your system.


See all of your equipment on a live map

Rental agreements are also based on what area or address the lift is being used in. What is the guarantee that the person or company renting the equipment is keeping their part of the agreement? Close to none! Whenever the equipment is in the hands of someone else they can do whatever they want with it. With ABAX Equipment Control this is history. You can either use your mobile phone, your PC or your tablet to see where your machinery and equipment is located. If a lift is outside an authorised area, a quick phone call to the customer can solve the problem. It doesn’t get much easier than that! With ABAX Equipment Control you have full control.


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