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Take control over your equipment and machinery wherever they are

At ABAX we are using data to find new ways on how you can improve YOUR business. Read on to learn about equipment tracking solution and how to take control over machinery and tools from any location via a desktop or mobile app.

Add more security for your machinery

Are you struggling to serve your customers with tight budgets and more dispersed workforce? New working methods could be what is needed to keep your business up and running. We have services that are easy to adapt and that may help you increase both control and efficiency, such as ABAX Equipment Control which can be used for all types of equipment and tools 

What is Equipment Control?

The ABAX6s unit is made to real-time track equipment and machines helping you keep an extra eye on your gear even if you are not in the office. If you have machines and tools that do not have a battery, then we also have self-powered units that need no installation. The GPS signals have high performance making sure you can track your units whenever needed with accurate coordinates.

As an plant manager, you can monitor usage, plan for maintenance and set up a geofence getting notification if any of your units cross the zone you defined. Many of our customers have relocated lost equipment thanks to telematics. 

ABAX battery units and BLe

If you have machines and tools that do not have a battery, we also have self-powered units that need no installation. ABAX MINI is one of the smallest tool trackers in the industry and can be added to any handheld or asset of value.

The MINI can be found by searching for the unit by phone and will show in the map together will all other company assets. The ABAX 6L is a second suggestion for bigger assets without power sources like fuel tanks or containers and the larger battery unit will make it last for longer.

Learn more about the different types of ABAX hardware 

Put up geofence to monitor any assets 

The ABAX Geofence feature is a great tool helping you put boundaries to your assets. With setting up an area of any shape you will get a warning whenever an asset enters or exit the zone. All this is done from a single map. 

ABAX let you add the right purpose for any trips to your geofence

Learn more about upgraded ABAX Geofence

Get reports to your phone

There are several fleet management reports that come with the equipment control that you may find useful, these will ensure that the equipment is in good hands even if you are not on site.

Usage report: 

Displays the number of hours the equipment has been in use along with the location. The report details each piece of equipment, the usage start and stop time, the address the usage took place and for how long.

Geofence Notification:

Set up your geofence with notifications, and get email and SMS with bot details like date, time, and link to live map for you to act upon.

Units in area report: 

An overview of the number of hours the equipment has been in your Geo-fenced areas. The report can be generated to display via department or area.

Inspection report:

An overview of the upcoming inspections for your equipment, date for last inspection and room for notes.

Why Equipment Control might help your business

  • Search for assets by name, type, or location to quickly see your entire asset inventory.
  • If you have vehicles, then you will see both vehicles, machines, equipment and tools in one single interface.
  • Data from the device will track the exact usage for precise invoicing.
  • Detect theft with the usage of geofence and accurate GPS signals.
  • Save money on maintenance. Plan the maintenance ahead and don't break the terms of hire or lease.
  • Increase company trailer utilisation with trailer tracking


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