Empowering women - Alexandra Tatarinov

Empowering women in tech

ABAX has initiated a new training programme with the purpose of empowering women within their organisation and in the technology industry. 

A new training programme has been initiated at ABAX, in order to empower women within their organisation and the technology industry. 

ABAX believe strongly in the importance of employee and gender equality. 40% of ABAX employees are women, however there are currently only two females represented in the management team.

‘The Girl Power Initiative’ has been developed as the new training program, with the objective being to identify and develop women with leadership potential in the organisation. The end goal is to encourage and create a gender neutral business environment at ABAX.

“This initiative is part of a wish of getting more women into leading positions as we know that groups including women and men is both more intelligent and more profitable”, says Bruce Atle Karlsen, Chief Performance Officer in ABAX Group.

“Women are also, in general, better at seeing the three different perspectives in most organisations; the employees, the customers and the owners”.

The one year programme provides participants with both professional and personal development. It also includes board membership in daughter companies and other management training opportunities

Female employees of ABAX had the opportunity to apply or to be nominated by a fellow colleague for the program, and a total of 16 women were chosen from each daughter company ranging from ages 23-42.

“I am very happy to be chosen for the Girl Power Initiative, to be a part of such a dynamic group of strong women. I’m looking forward to further developing my leadership skills and developing the kind of atmosphere within the company where women feel more inspired to reach their full potential”, says Alexandra Tatarinov, Customer Service for ABAX UK.

“We have had a great start to this training programme, and I'm really looking forward to see how the participants evolve and take on a new and different role in both their existing positions and in the company as a whole”, says Bruce Atle Karlsen, Chief Performance Officer in ABAX Group.


For more information:


  • Bruce Atle Karlsen, CPO, ABAX Group, +47 930 0 5747, atle.karlsen@abax.no
  • Sandra Lindberg, CMO, ABAX Group, +47 469 53 705, sal@abax.no
  • Alexandra Tatarinov, participant in the programme and Customer Service in ABAX UK, +47 47 636 449, ata@abax.fi