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Emission reporting made easy with ABAX Smart Connect

Today, the construction industry is facing the rising pressure of the Green Shift. Increasingly countries, cities and regional governments as well as large listed companies are committing to net-zero targets. The green movement is well on its way and the construction industry needs partners to support it – Simply getting Smart Connected.

More and more the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) are integrated into operational goals for large, municipal construction tenders and the demand for reports and documentation of emissions during a project has become a necessity. 

Project outcomes are increasingly focused on the triple-bottom-line of People, Planet, Profit ensuring that societal and environmental goals are met alongside financial ones. Smart Assets are an integral part of delivering on this level.  

Stricter regulations for government procurement

As of 31st December 2021, contractors need to declare their commitment to net-zero and have a formal carbon-reduction plan (CRP) in place. For such a plan, baseline carbon emission mapping is a requirement.

ABAX Smart Connect aggregates fuel/ emission data for your entire fleet of machines in one platform. This streamlines the reporting process and helps to highlight hotspots in fleet operations. This is true for ABAX monitored vehicles as well, giving you a total emission overview for your fleet of equipment and vehicles.

Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Setting yourself apart in tender bids

Showcasing how you operate more efficiently than the next bidder will set you apart in the tender process. We recommend establishing company policies to guide operations and setting formal targets that are aligned with sustainable procurement objectives.

With ABAX Smart Connect enabled Equipment Control a multitude of data is available to help a contractor target wasteful operations and facilitate improvements in machine utilisation rates, operating hours, average fuel usage and soon idling rates too. Use this data to help define carbon reduction projects within your operations for lasting reductions to your environmental impact and easily track and report your progress year on year.

Are you ready for the Green Shift? Have you yet identified opportunities for reduced emissions or sustainable growth?

Taryn Lynne Sumpton, Sustainability Consultant


Sustainable implications for the telematics supply chain?

Telematics enabled with ABAX Smart Connect has significantly reduced scope 3 emissions. The IoT gateway developed by ABAX to process OEM installed ISO 15143-3 standardised data is miles ahead of the curve. This innovation has removed the manufacturing, transportation and packaging phases of the supply chain previously relied on to deliver the service. Rather, with the click of a button, telematics is enabled by a seamless onboarding customer experience. 

The telematics industry is expected to grow more than 28% and ABAX can continue to expand its global network of connected devices without a direct increase in carbon emissions. This transformational business model revolutionises telematics to be sustainably scalable. 

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To future-proof your business against the coming changes, you will need to harness the insights from your smart assets. Simply enable these insights using ABAX Smart Connect.

Taryn Lynn Sumpton


"To future-proof your business against the coming changes, you will need to harness the insights from your smart assets. Simply enable these insights using ABAX Smart Connect."



Taryn Lynne Sumpton

Sustainability Consultant