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What if you could have data that "scored" HOW you drive?

What if you could have data that "scored" HOW you drive? This could help your company use your fleet in a more efficient, effective and sustainable way. Let me do the maths for you!

Today, you finance, insure and service your fleet based on some pre-agreed variables. Most notably how far you are going to drive. To me, this is a “legacy” business model.

We should instead measure how the vehicle is used: reducing idling, driving more stable and so on.

This could help us finance and administer our vehicles and machines in a better way – ultimately leaving us with assets we can use longer. Because we use it wisely throughout our ownership.

Picture from interface about idling savings
Ilding in the ABAX interface

While it may not seem much in terms of “saving the world”, here’s what an extra year of use per vehicle could do for reduced consumption, waste and pollution:

  •  In Norway alone, we have an estimated demand of 50,000 new commercial vehicles. If we estimate a leasing cycle of 3 years, that is a reduced demand of 150,000 vehicles.
  • At an average investment of NOK 500,000, that is a reduced need for capital spending of NOK 75 billion!

Also, factors like reduced braking will have an impact on the consumption of tires, the wear of the roads, reduced servicing – and so on.

It’s hard to estimate the price of these savings, but the cost of servicing per year is in Norway estimated to NOK 8000.

If we estimate that improved driving can reduce that number by approx 10%, that would be an annual saving of NOK 4 million on the new cars acquired in the previous year alone.

A fossil fuel car emits approximately 4,5 metric tons of CO2 a year. 50,000 new cars per year (although a lot of them will be electric these days), would mean an emission of 225,000 metric tons every year.

If we use a mere 5% reduction as baseline, we could reduce emissions by 11,250 tons per year.

CPO, Bruce Atle Karlsen

Using your equipment better, smarter and longer is a no-brainer, both from a business and a sustainability angle.

Can telematics help us change the world? 🌍 You bet it can!

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